Troubleshooting Information for Android BMW E91 Car DVD GPS with 3G WIFI Bluetooth Radio

It may happen for times that your car DVD GPS player encounters problems and you don’t know how to deal with it. If your car DVD uses Android system, I think I can help in some way. Take BMW E91 car DVD for example, I would like to list the problems and tell you what to do. I hope it helps.


Fault condition 1: product cannot be powered on.


  1. Check whether output cable is correctly connected.
  2. Check whether built-in CANBUS is reversed.
  3. Check whether the key is against any foreign body.
  4. Check whether the fuse is fused.


Fault condition 2: product cannot play disc.


  1. Check whether protective screw on the top of movement is removed.
  2. Check whether the disc is rightly placed.
  3. Check whether the disc is integrity.


Fault condition 3: no picture is displayed.


  1. Check whether brake cable and car reversing cable are correctly connected.
  2. Check whether discs are DVD/VCD/MP4.
  3. Check whether picture brightness/contrast is set rightly.
  4. Check whether format is set rightly when it’s at TV mode.


Fault condition 4: no sound is heard.


  1. Check whether the horn cable is correctly connected.
  2. Check whether the horn cable is short out with power supply or machine shell.
  3. Check whether the volume is at minimum.
  4. Check whether is in MUTE mode.
  5. Check whether sound format is set rightly if it’s at TV mode.


Fault condition 5: touch is useless/touch deviates.


  1. Check whether the panel is against any foreign body.
  2. Check whether it’s reversing or braking.
  3. Check whether it’s in MUTE mode.
  4. Re-correct touch: after disc ejection in the DVD mode, press STOP and right→left→up→down in turn, the calibration curs or appears, then, press OK following the cursor.


Fault condition 6: remote controller is useless.


  1. Check whether the separator is pulled.
  2. Check whether the battery is effective.
  3. Operate in alignment with remote control receiver.


Fault condition 7: there’s no TV signal or weak signal


  1. Check whether the TV antenna is at right location
  2. Check whether local signal is strong enough.
  3. Check whether DTV system is properly set.


Fault condition 8: navigation cannot function.


  1. Check whether your product has GPS navigation function.
  2. Check whether map routes are correctly set.
  3. Check whether GPS antenna is correctly connected.


If these answers still cannot solve your problems, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for help. Wish you enjoy your car DVD GPS during driving, more information can be know on website: http://www.seicane.com/android-bmw-e91-3-series-touring-head-unit-dvd-player-gps-navigation-system-with-3g-wifi-radio-bluetooth-sia-9203-1

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