Troubleshooting for Android 4.2 2013 VW New Golf 7 In Dash Player

New Golf 7 in Dash player

New Golf 7 in Dash player


Here’s a picture of an Android 4.2 New Golf 7 in dash player from Seicane Online shop. It has many great functions, such as, GPS navigation system, Mirrorlink, OBD II, multi-point touch screen operation, file management, 3G and WIFI, USB, SD card and so on. Check it out on: http://www.seicane.com/top-8-inch-all-in-one-pure-android-4-2-in-dash-car-dvd-radio-replacement-for-2013-new-golf-7-with-navigation-bluetooth-3g-wifi-aux-obd2-mirror-link-usb-sd-k7003


It would be troublesome if you have problems in using your head unit during driving. An all-in one car stereo now supports more functions than before. So, you will feel really inconvenient when it breaks down or cannot work as normally for you. You may not able to read GPS map, or listen to radio, or listen to music and so on.


If you have a head unit like the New Golf 7 in dash player above, you can take the following solutions as reference and deal with the problems in your car stereo.


No power:

Check the wire connection of the head unit. Make sure the power cable is connected correctly. If it’s correct, you can measure the voltage to see if it matches the usage standard of the head unit. If you operate the unit in wrong way and make it shut off, you can click the RET key on the panel to restart the unit.


No image:

Check whether the connection of video output and the video output is correct. You can refer to the installation guide from the dealer. Or, you can check whether the video connector is damaged. If the mode of video output setting is wrong, you cannot get image in this unit, too. So, you can check it in the setting interface.


No sound:

Check whether the connection of audio output and the audio output of monitor is correct. Or, you can check whether the audio connector is damaged. You can also go to setting interface to check whether the volume has been turned off or muted.


DVR problems:

If you meet the screen blur problem, you just need to clean the camera to make it right. If this cannot help, you try to adjust and fasten the mounting bracket. If you meet the screen oblique problem, you have to adjust the camera bracket to make it right.


You may meet other problems. But, you don’t need to worry too much. Most of the problems can be solved in simple way. If you find these solutions cannot help, you can ask your car stereo dealer for help directly. If your car stereo is not under warranty anymore, you can ask a professional for help or ask on forums for help. Wish you enjoy the functions in your car stereo.


If you don’t have a multifunctional car DVD player yet, let’s check out whether this New Golf 7 in dash player fits your car and can fulfill your needs.


New Golf 7 in Dash player

New Golf 7 in Dash player

It has 8 inch touch screen with multi-point operation function. It supports HD 1080p video. Its DVD player has anti shock memory and last position memory feature. You can play disc of DVD/DIVX/MP4/MP3/MP2/VCD in it.


It supports Aux in for audio and video input and output with RCA video output, CAM IN video Input, video in, RCA audio FR/FL/RR/RL, subwoofer output and AUX audio R/L input. It supports steering wheel control. You can set SWC button in the setting interface freely.


It supports Wallpaper DIY, Illumination DIY, main menu DIY and so on. It supports IPod and IPhone charging and music play. You just need to connect the device with a USB cable.


There are many great optional functions in this car, such as, car speed DVR function, rearview camera, Mirrorlink, OBD II and so on. You are welcome to know more on: http://www.seicane.com/top-8-inch-all-in-one-pure-android-4-2-in-dash-car-dvd-radio-replacement-for-2013-new-golf-7-with-navigation-bluetooth-3g-wifi-aux-obd2-mirror-link-usb-sd-k7003


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