the multifunction navigation for Mercedes-Benz S-W220

the multifunction navigation for Mercedes-Benz S-W220

the multifunction navigation for Mercedes-Benz S-W220

Navigation map use navione C board.The functions of navigation  include: journey, address, book, path, system, help, close etc. When you press “close”,the system will prompt you if close or not.We can  find where we want to go or where we are accurate.When we find locations,we can base the 26 letter on the viewing screen, input the destination’s spell or input by strokes,and then,the map will show you how far the destination to the sites around you,at the same time,you can set the time format(24 hours display format and 12 hours display format),the map show above can also show dynamic map and vehicle trajectory base on the car form trajectory. In addition,you can check other service query around you,The common operation also include:simulation of navigation, routing, discard path, record path,frequently used point,course reversal and so on.Navigation  map show the speed of car in the highway,if the speed out of the limit,it will prompt you by the speeding voice.Intelligent around to find include: gas station,park,porter house,public toilet,hotel.We have use C-CAR map now,so 3 D live-action upgrade free has been exhibited.

Let’s take Mercedes-Benz S-W220 navigation for example,the navigation and radio voice can be synthetized, navigation is prior, give consideration to radio’s play,therefore, you can listen to the radio when you use the navigation.It can also support a kind of office software,you can do some reading and scan pictures comfortable, to give you a vehicle -mounted computer. 4G SD car is used, to meet the needs of owner’s storage requirement fully. It support MP3/MP4 etc forms to play.During peak work, you can answer your phone momentarily, bluetooth handsfree is built-in, support caller indentification, address list,check again actual cell phone records etc.

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