How to choose an Aftermarket In Dash Car DVD GPS for BMW X1 E84 2012 2013 with DVD Radio CANBUS IPod TV

BMW - in dash car DVD GPS

BMW X1 E84 – in dash car DVD GPS

A car DVD to a car is just like a TV to a house. A house without TV (or computer) would be bored by people who live in it. It’s the same that a car without car stereo will make drivers or passengers feel boring. So, every car comes with an original car stereo which supports radio and disc play functions. However, original car stereo is not welcome by car owners now. They want to upgrade a new car DVD like in dash car DVD GPS for their car. For the reason that, car DVD has many great functions, like GPS TV IPod Bluetooth and so on.


If I’m a car owner, I would like to collect the latest information about car DVD for my car half a year. It’s ok to do this two times in a year, because car DVD is not a disposable product, you don’t need to upgrade it too often. But, car DVD is one of the electronic products, it upgrades fast. If you want to follow the fashion, you can upgrade it one or two times in a year.


Since you want to upgrade your car stereo (or maybe two times in a year), it maybe a little difficult for you to choose a suitable one for your car. Actually, there are tactics to choose car DVDs.


  1. Choose a car DVD from a regular store. A regular store would provide customer all the things that are needed in the trade, like the invoice, quality guarantee and after-sales services.
  2. Choose a car DVD fit for your car model. A car DVD which is not design in your car model cannot install into your car, so check the detailed information of a car DVD before you buy it.
  3. Choose a car DVD can fulfill your need. What kind of functions do you want? What do you want the unit do for you? How much can you pay for it? if you want a car DVD with GPS, at the same time, it can play music when navigating, you have to choose a car DVD with the dual zone function.


There are still many other things should be paid attention to when choosing a car DVD player, but the three advices mentioned above should be noticed first. If you are still confused with this, here’s an example for you.

Please refer to the product page, then, you will find all the information mentioned above in it. What’s more, maybe you can find the in dash car DVD GPS fits to your car, feel free to click:

In Dash Car DVD GPS Buttons Operation Instructions for BMW Series

Do you remember the first time you deal with your car stereo? You may want to work with your in dash car DVD GPS smoothly, but it cost you lots of time to figure out how to deal with the buttons on steering wheel or on the dashboard. If you are still confused with this problem and have no user manual beside you, you can check out the following information to see whether it can help.


I would like to show you the operation of 3 series of BMW in dash car DVD GPS buttons. First, it would be the BMW X1 button.


 BMW X1 button - in dash car DVD GPS

BMW X1 button – in dash car DVD GPS

  1. Original car’s information button
  2. Power off button
  3. One key navigation
  4. Previous or next of SD/USB, function selection of main menu
  5. Enter button
  6. Return button
  7. Display off

Remark: this button cannot control original CD player


Second, the BMW new 5 series original car button operation.


BMW new 5 series original car button - in dash car DVD GPS

BMW new 5 series original car button – in dash car DVD GPS

Tel: press this button can turn from original car menu to navigation menu; in navigation menu, this button can work as back confirm button.

Map: press this button back to navigation menu.

Knob: in navigation menu, can work as choose previous and next music; in main menu, can slide up and down work as mode choose.

Note: when slide to the mode you need, just press TEL button.


Third, BMW old 5 series original car operation


button - in dash car DVD GPS

BMW old 5 series button – in dash car DVD GPS

① long press this button on 3 to 5 seconds can turn from original car menu to navigation menu; in navigation menu, this button can work as back/confirm button.

② press this button back to navigation menu, and it will work as hang up the phone on the BT function.

③ in navigation menu, can work as choose previous and next music; in main menu, can work as slide up and down in mode choose.

④ answer button

Note: when slide to the mode you need, just press menu button.


It seems that different model of car has different button styles, but they are alike. And they are simple. Spend some time to remember every function of each button can help you a lot during driving. You don’t have to check them carefully but click the right one to the menu you want to go. But for safety, I suggest drivers don’t operate car DVD. You can ask others in the car to help you, or just stop your car to do it.


If you are interested in BMW series car DVD, here’s an in dash car DVD GPS for BMW 1 series F20, feel free to know more:

Select In Dash Car DVD Gps Online

Among which the car DVD player can be very popular now, according to its installation position and functions, we can divide car DVD players into different types, such as single din car DVD player, double din DVD player, In Dash Car DVD Gps, headrest car DVD, sun visor one or some special ones, etc. They play different roles in different vehicles.

In Dash Car DVD Gps Functions:Regional Navigation DVD.TV Function,Allows you to watch digital and analogue TV: Digital TV signal: DVB-T for Europe, ATSC for America, ISDB-T for Japan and Brazil, Analogue TV signal: NTSC, PAL, SECAM.Supports IPod.RDS  Radio Data System, is a communications protocol standard for embedding small amounts of digital information in conventional FM radio broadcasts. The RDS system standardizes several types of information transmitted, including time, station identification and programe information.

A In Dash Car DVD Gps navigation method has offered website traffic relief for many drivers. In Dash Car DVD Gps has the capacity to discover various approaches to get for your destination, together with recap our each day routes around severe targeted traffic jams. Specifically once you are living within a massive city, you have to steer clear of the busiest section if you are driving to work in a busy morning. an android car dvd model process will supply you the optimal route which can get away from targeted traffic jams.

After you are driving your car to function or to residence right after the function, you need to wait for the traffic lights for minutes a lot more or fewer crossings. When you have fixed your car having an In Dash Car DVD Gps, you could possibly not really feel bored. The In Dash Car DVD Gps unit not just provides you with all the function of navigation, but in addition some entertainment functions, just like listen for the music or radio, watch some DVD, play some games and so on. What is better is the fact that it is possible to listen towards the music or radio even though in navigation with a built-in GPS program for
some android auto gps, you’ll be able to also get in touch with somebody and chat safely whenever you are driving.

It is true that each one wants to buy a cheap car DVD players online, especially for the car DVD which is not a lower cost one, but Where to buy a cheap car DVD players online?, it is hard to find out.Based on the cooperation with different countries all over the world, we have successfully dealt with the business with European and American countries over past years. We have our own factories to offer the enough stocks for your different choices anytime no matter where you are. Fast shipping and reasonable price are the shining charms for our high quality products.

In Dash Car DVD Gps is not only utilized for navigation, as well as for entertainment, this kind of as MP3& MP4 playing, digital video CD playing, stereo, r / c and Bluetooth. For most by way of the drivers, it’s difficult to opt using the effective Navigation. Fundamentally it might be much less difficult because an on-line car store could provide you diversified choice. As well as when you could possibly have the merchandise with increased excellent but reduced price. For In Dash Car DVD Gps we will quite possibly be required and it’s not only a maker new invention, because GPS navigation software
applications may be broadly utilized in many cars.

Enjoyable journey with In dash Car dvd gps

GPS was actual hot, accomplished a roller coaster of accelerated develop, and again subsided. At the aforementioned time, appropriate car gps aeronautics amateur grew fast, sells good. And the access humans a lot. In the car gps market, whether it is the Toyota gps dvd player, BMW gps navigation, Chevrolet adviser or some added archetypal gps aeronautics system and In dash Car dvd gps, their business force accept bound abstracted into the minds of consumers through assorted channels.

If you’re looking for the best safety accessories, you want to check out memory foam technology in. The only drawback of this technology is memory foam temperature is small. This is a temperature-sensitive foam, follow the contours of the human body through it generates heat. That being said, it absorbs heat can be uncomfortable during hot summer months. This contribution comes in handy, because it reduces the risk of lower back pain. car rearview camera, weighs cause discomfort due to 90-degree angle. If you can not
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When it comes to the single din and double din DVD players of a In dash Car dvd gps, first you need to know the main difference between them is that the former is smaller, and which one to choose completely depends on how large is your dashboard. Actually, the single din players are basically standard width and height, while double din car DVD players are twice the width and height, meaning extra sound equipment or other more
entertainment function options can be added to this great item. Checking the size of DVD player is the easiest way to figure out whether it is a single or double din DVD player. Double din DVD players will always be twice as large as the single ones, and will feature many more functions besides the basic DVD players.Generally, car DVD player can be divided into two main categories: Universal car DVD players and Special car DVD players. Each has its own advantages. Which kind to buy just depends on yourself.

The more excellent and stylish option is the in-dash car DVD player that can perfect fit with your car and can integrate harmony with your car. And it will usually be able to play CDs and have a radio option, too. The screen for this type of system will either be in the center console, will descend from the roof or will flip up from the dashboard.As DVD players find their way into more cars the only problem you may have when planning your next trip is that the driver may end up on the back seat enjoying the movie.Travelling is a good way for relaxing and rest, and car DVD player could increase the feeling of relaxing while you are on the way to travel.

Most people would go out to their favorite local shop and test the DVD screen with different views and angles. Maybe these units are work well indoors or in the stores, but when you are out there in your car, in the road, things might be different and you might get surprised on how different the screen might appear. One of the best ways I’ve found to make sure to buy a good car DVD is to first check for on-line customer reviews. This is a good way to find out what people are really thinking about a particular product.

How to make the self-driving more interesting? At this moment, a car DVD player
is a perfect device for many drivers. On the way to the destination, many people may feel very boring and fidgety for the long journey, but if there is a car DVD player, the situation may be completely different. They can turn the car DVD player to enjoy music, TV shows and films, if you like playing games, you can also play interesting games to pass the boring time. The car DVD may bring happiness to the whole family.

An In dash Car dvd gps generally brings the driver more convenience by providing car navigation plus supporting Bluetooth phone calls and reversing camera input, while headrest DVD players usually serve for better car entertainment with the use of separately running monitors which enable passengers to have different enjoyments at the same time.
Some car owners feel like installing a car DVD system consisting of different car DVD players such as the conjunction of in dash DVD and headrest car DVD, which meet more needs of in car entertainment.Thanks to the various in car entertainment units, people are able to enjoy themselves in every pleasant car trip.