How to Upgrade Your BMW 3 Series Factory Radio Screen?

More and more car owners choose to install an aftermarket android car stereo system for their cars since the factory one can’t meet their needs. Some of factory radios are easy to replace, some of may be tricky, all depends on your car make, models and year. If you have a BMW 3 Series and just want to upgrade its radio screen, you are right here. With below instructions, it’s quick and easy to replace the original car screen with an Bluetooth stereo system.

Important information

Here is the original car radio system.


Part 1, Steps of removing the factory radio system

Step 1, To remove the A/C vent: Use the plastic pry tool to pry the A/C vent, take it down and unplug the connector.



Step 2, Remove these two screws that fixed the original radio screen, take down the screen and disconnect its plugs.


Step 3, Remove screws that fixed the CD button panel, take down the panel and unplug the connectors.3-1 3-2

Step 4, Remove screws that fixed the original CD unit, pull the unit out and unplug the connectors.4-1 4-2

The removal work is done.

Part 2, Steps of installing the Seicane radio screen for BMW

Step 5, Check the wiring harness and other accessories of the new radio screen. Correspondingly connect the new cables to car plugs. Take a look at the user manual to check the ports if you are not sure what they are.

Step 6, Connect the new radio screen and original CD unit to the car with the new wiring harness. Be careful and patient.6

Step 7, Now you can turn on the car to test whether the new radio system functions normally. If there is no problem, install all the accessories including CD button panel and A/C vent back. If it doesn’t work, please check whether cables are connected correctly.seicane-radio-screen

About the Android radio screen from Seicane

This product is easy to install, plug and play since you don’t need to change the original CD unit. You can still use the original car functions after installing this radio, they are kept as before.

The greatest feature of the unit is it comes with a 10.25″ display which looks very exquisite. When you watch videos and use navigation, you enjoy a perfect view. Besides, it supports Carplay. Just use a Carplay USB dongle to connect your phone and the radio system, then you can freely enjoy your smartphone Carplay function in your car.

If there is no reversing camera function in you car before, after installing this multifunctional car radio, you can connect a rear view camera to it, every time when you park and reverse the car, it will automatically switch to the parking image to help you park