Solutions for Digital TV Problems of Audi A8 Car DVD GPS with Touch Screen GPS DVD MP5 IPod

Audi A8 car DVD GPS

Audi A8 car DVD GPS

Car DVD GPS with TV function is welcomed by car owners on the market. There are two kinds of TV maybe in a car DVD GPS, analog TV and digital TV. In most case, analog TV would be built-in a car DVD with the unit, and digital TV should be selected to be built-in or not.


Since digital TV is popular around the world, many car owners would like to choose digital TV with a car DVD when ordering. However, digital TV in a car DVD is not stable for sometimes. Before we deal with the problems when using digital TV, we should know about the digital TV standards in the world.


Different regions have different digital TV standards. There are 3 mainly digital TV standards in the world:
1. DVB-T: Mainly apply in Europe, Australia, India, etc.
2. ATSC: Mainly apply in the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea, etc.
3. ISDB: Mainly apply in Japan, Brazil, Peru and some other South American countries.


Make sure your car DVD connected to the TV standard of your country. But, there’s still no signal of digital TV? Different cases may cause by different reasons. I would like to give general solutions to you.


  1. Put TV antenna outside of your car. Most of the cars with window films may interfere the connection of signals for digital TV. And, different cities are different in transmitting. You may get different channels in different cities.
  2. After you put TV antenna outside, there’s still no signal for digital TV. Then, try to go to the settings of TV, click “restore factory settings”, and search channels again.
  3. If step 2 can’t work, please go to the AUX mode and adjust the volume to 0. Long press the eject button and change the digital TV standard to CMMB, then, exit. (This step may not be useful to call cases.)
  4. In some area, you have to go to the AUX mode to watch TV, and you can try this, too.


These solutions are for Audi A8 car DVD GPS from Seicane online market, and it may be suitable for other car DVDs, too. Wish you have good times with the digital TV function of your car DVD GPS.


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