Simple Upgrade Steps for an Original Volkswagen Touareg Radio


Volkswagen Touareg radio

Volkswagen Touareg radio

Upgrade the original car radio for a Volkswagen Touareg from 2003 to 2010 is easy. You can remove the unit in a simple step, then, install a new unit in it. However, you have to pay attention to the installation of the new unit. Some car stereos come with installation instructions. If you have one, please refer to the specific upgrade guide of the new unit and install it in your car. If you don’t have one, you can take the following information for reference.


And, if you are a green hand on car stereos upgrade, please ask a professional staff for help. That will make sure you won’t make mistakes during upgrade, because wrong installation may bring damage to the head unit. Please disconnect the negative cable on the vehicle battery before the upgrade. Please prepare tools for the upgrade, too.


Here are upgrade steps for a Volkswagen Touareg radio.

  1. Remove the original radio. There are four holes on the radio panel. Insert four keys to buckle the radio. Then, pull the keys to take the radio out of the dash. There are wires at the back of the radio. Disconnect them and put the radio aside.                                                               Touareg 暴风截图201523708234 暴风截图201523559703
  2. Install the new unit. Connect the new unit to the original wiring harness. If there’s a wiring harness adapter for the connection, connect the adapter to the original wiring harness first, then, to the new unit. After connection, slide the new unit into the dash.
  3. Test the new unit. Connect the negative cable on the battery and turn on the new unit. Check the functions in it to see if everything’s good. You should pay attention to some functions, such as, GPS navigation system, Digital TV, radio and so on. If there’s anything wrong with their wire connections and antenna installation, they may not work well.


If you meet problems that you cannot deal with by the installation instruction, you’d better ask the technicians from the dealer for help. Wish you enjoy the upgrade of your Volkswagen Touareg radio.


If you haven’t found a suitable aftermarket for your car, I would like to share a good car DVD player with you. It fits 2003-2010 Volkswagen Touareg has many great functions, such as, GPS navigation system, radio, Bluetooth and so on. Let’s check out: http://www.seicane.com/all-in-one-gps-radio-stereo-replacement-for-2003-2010-vw-volkswagen-touareg-with-3d-navigation-hd-touch-screen-cd-dvd-player-bluetooth-dvb-t-tv-steering-wheel-control-aux-ipod-iphone-c042


Operation system WINCE 6.0 CORE
CPU Chipset Samsung S5PV210
Main frequency 1GMHZ
Platform S100
Flash/Hard disc capacitance 4GB can be upgraded the memory to 16G
OSD languages English French Germany Italian Spanish Polish Hungarian
Power supply DC-10-14.6V
System update Update all software by sd card


It has navigation system for 3D maps with voice cues, road planning, cursors and so on. Its dual zone function supports navigation system working with entertainment functions. You can enjoy radio or music while reading GPS map.


It has 20 disks virtual CD changer. You can download songs from CDs or DVDs to the head unit to avoid keeping too many discs in your car.


Its DVD player supports 1080P HD video and DVD/DVD-R/DVD±RW/HDCD/CD-R/CD±RW/MP3/MP4/Picture CD/VCD/WMA. You can record videos from menu of DVD/TV/AUX/SD/USB and so on.


You can surf on Internet by WIFI or 3G function. Set a WIFI hotspot in your cell phone and connect this unit to your phone, then, you can enjoy E-life service as you like.


It has 3-Zone POP function. The 3-zone POP technology supports at most 3 windows working in one screen. You can use different functions at the same time.


There are more functions in this Volkswagen Touareg radio. You are welcome to know more and get discount now: http://www.seicane.com/all-in-one-gps-radio-stereo-replacement-for-2003-2010-vw-volkswagen-touareg-with-3d-navigation-hd-touch-screen-cd-dvd-player-bluetooth-dvb-t-tv-steering-wheel-control-aux-ipod-iphone-c042




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