Sharing 2003+ VW Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 GPS Navigation installation and removal Article

Sharing 2003+ VW Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 GPS Navigation installation and removal guide


2003+ VW Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 GPS Navigation installation and removal guide


More and more people wanna own a car to have wonderful time with friends or families during trips and holidays because of living life improvements.As a result, its important and prior solution that people would like to get a upgraded and multifunctional car radio. With experience of car stereo installation and removal for 2003+ VW Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6, i am pleasant to share all you guys the process details about it.


First of all, please note:

1.Please park the car in safe area and remove the negative cable on the vehicle battery before the removal.

2.A lever and a screwdriver need to be prepared before the installation.

3.Put things aside well to avoid to have negative impact for later operation.


2003+ VW Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 GPS Navigation installation and removal guide

1. Use a lever to pry along the plastic panel and remove the dashboard.





2. Remove the screws holding the radio in place with a screwdriver.


3. Take the factory radio out of the dashboard and Unplug the back connectors of the a/c control unit.


4. Make the new head unit connectors backwards and the factory harness antennas and cables connected step by step as instructions show.(Please note the image 4-1 and 4-2)







5. Put the new Seicane unit into your dashboard and check whether your connections are correct, once it’s done, you’d better to have a tidy for the cables.


6. Check if the new Seicane unit is working well.


This touchscreen entertainment system features a built-in navigation system to guide you to those hard-to-find locations. In addition, the auxiliary input along with USB ports can provide a wide variety of input options. This DVD player can support steering wheel control,air condition system information,vehicle setting information display, and also the car parking system and original car camera. If you are interested,please check the link below for more information:



This 2003+ VW Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 DVD Player comes with the latest Android Radio, RAM 4GB \ ROM 64GB \ CPU 8-core \ Build-in Carplay \ 2.5D IPS Screen, Support RDS, SWC, XM radio APP etc. You can still keep the steering wheel control working perfectly after the installation of this fantastic stereo.

Meanwhile you also can check another link as following with little different parameters but still match car radio 2003+ VW Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6.


Above 2003+ VW Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 car stereo comes with RAM 2GB \ ROM 32GB \ CPU Quad-core \ Plug and play \ Support RDS, SWC,Carplay Android Auto Support etc. Certainly this one will works for your car and bring you joyful time with driving.


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