Screen problems and solutions of In Dash Car DVD GPS – Take Audi Q5 for Example

Audi Q5 in dash car DVD GPS

Audi Q5 in dash car DVD GPS


2008-2012 Audi Q5 in dash car DVD GPS

  • 7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen
  • Built-in GPS navigation system
  • Support Rearview Camera. Automatically switch to rear camera and display rear image in the screen when reverse the car
  • Dual zone function support.Navigating and Enjoying music at the same time
  • Disc Play. Compatible with DIVX/DVD/DVD-RS/DVD+RS/DVD-RW/VCD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/MP5/WMA/AVI etc.
  • Build in Bluetooth for hand free. Build in Bluetooth music.


More online: http://www.seicane.com/in-dash-car-dvd-gps-navigation-stereo-for-audi-q5-with-radio-tv-bluetooth-ipod-si-9106


You may have an amazing car DVD as this one for your car. I hope that you don’t have any problems with it. But, it’s often to see car owners have problems when using new car DVD players. It may not be the problem from the new car DVD player, but it may be the problem of incorrect installation.


Talking about problems, there are so many that you may need to spend several days to learn. I would like to talk about the screen problems today, and in a simple way. You can depend on the problems you meet and the car DVD player you are using. I’m taking Audi Q5 in dash car DVD GPS from Seicane Online Market for example.


The first problem for screen would be no reaction of touching functions. This problem only happens in those car DVD players with touch screen function. If the original car stereo doesn’t have the screen touch function, and you install a new car DVD player with touch screen, then, you can use touch screen function in the interface of the new unit. Touch screen is unavailable in the AUX DVB-T interface, but you can operate it with a remote controller.


The second problem for screen would be incomplete display. This phenomenon occurs when the screen size of new unit is not the same as the original screen size. This problem cannot be solved till now. So, you’d better choose a car DVD player with the same size screen as the original one.


The third problem for screen would be intermittent display. If your screen works normally but with intermittent display for sometimes, it may be caused by the wires. Please clear up the wires and don’t press them. If this intermittent display only happens when reversing the car, please connect the CAMERA+12V wire to the REVERSE wire, then, connect them to the camera’s power input to provide power to camera. And, this problem will be solved.


I hope that you won’t meet other problem. If you do, ask the merchant engineers for help will be good. Wish you enjoy your in dash car DVD GPS player.

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