Roof Mounted and Headrest DVD Player Installation

Car DVD players are designed to work with a 12-volt Direct Current Negative Ground electrical system. Purchase a voltage inverter if your vehicle has a different system. The car DVD player won’t work if the ground isn’t in place, and incorrect connections can cause damage to the player. So check everything twice.Let’s introduce the Roof Mounted and Headrest DVD Player Installation.

Disconnect the car battery’s negative terminal. That’s the thick black lead.Connect the blue lead to a power antenna if you have one. Connect the blue-with-white-stripe lead to the remote lead of other equipment. It’s the remote out connection. Connect the orange-with-white-stripe lead to the car light control switch. Connect the brown lead to the cellular phone system—it’s the telephone muting lead. Connect the light green lead to the parking brake—it’s the connection that prevents front -seat passengers from watching video while the car moves.Connect the rear ground terminal.Connect any external components like video in or video out and subwoofer.Connect the white-with-black-stripe lead to the negative terminal of the left front speaker. Reconnect the car’s battery.

The bottom line is that people today will probably invest their funds if and only if they’re “convinced” that the anxiety of putting in Car dvd model players by themselves isn’t worth it.Remember, the only reason why individuals are even thinking about installing their Car dvd unit players by themselves is because they “think” that they get to save a buck or two from the finish on the day.The best way to do this really is to get to understand your consumer and relate with them. Speak to them about their automobile very first, and then slowly shift the conversation towards the auto dvd unit.If anything goes incorrect in the course of his DIY installation with the auto dvd model, you are going to possibly the initial individual he’ll turn to for aid.So don’t just let that spending budget conscious DIY fanatic develop into a liability turn him into an asset and watch your consumer base grow.

Locate the fuse box first and diffuse the vanity light to avoid obstruction while doing
the installation. If you intend to place the player in front of the driver’s seat, drop the one side of the headliner. Thus, all the wires will be open for further connection.Connect the remaining audio and power wires too to avoid having short circuits. Join all wires to a 12 volt source. After connecting all the wires, crimper the ends of the wires and cut then secure it with electrical tape.

How to install my Car DVD Player? It is really a serious problem. For people who are not
familiar with the car interior structure, perhaps the best way is to get it installed professionally. Of course you can install it by yourself if you have the ability. Generally, the car DVD player comes with an installation guide. It will help you a lot.

You may now pick up your new GPS and try to fit it into the brackets we just let out. It must fit the bracket perfectly if you picked the right GPS for your car model. Use the screwdriver to fit it firmly.After the GPS is set in the bracket, you need to fit the GPS to the space in the car dashboard you let out the stereo from. But first connect the wires according to color code, for example, red to red wire and so for black to black.After plugging in the wires properly, you must slide the whole set back in to the dashboard space.You are almost ready to go, just put back the bolts and tight them using the wrench. Put the plastic cover back on the system, spread and push it firmly until it fits into the surface.Turn the car on, and follow the instructions displayed on the GPS screen to set up your all new GPS system.

With the right auto parts, you can get to the destination travel smoothly.
Choose the most comfortable seats, hood. It helps to have a car seat cover, your body for maximum comfort. Select a heated car seat. It negates the need for the car heater. This is a great driver car seat cover. Heat this accessory can help to improve blood circulation, so that drivers will experience less pain and suffering. It can also prevent pressure points from developing countries. Reduce the possibility of leg circulation, back pain or loss, the heat will definitely work.

We all know that car, causing the most valuable assets of its owners. Hence, from owners to ensure that the use of accessories in cars is an important project for the decoration and protection of their risks. There are many kinds of car backup camera on the market. In
addition, most special item in the market.While some of them available, there are other ways. With the changing times and needs, auto parts, some of the major groups. This fact should give car owners more easily in the right investments to make the car look stylish and comfortable.

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