Methods of Cleaning A Car DVD Player Laser

High quality of car DVD player has provided you much happy time with beautiful pictures and rich sound. But just like the car, the more miles it goes, the more dust it gets. The more times a car DVD player works for, the more dirt the car DVD player laser gets inside. In order to keep clean and extend your car DVD player laser’s lifespan, here are some steps for your information.


clean as the picture shows

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  1. You’re unnecessary to clean your DVD laser if you have an airtight enclosure for it. And don’t be sad if you don’t have one, because there may not always be the good way to have the airtight enclosure, like it’s not easy to put a disc in it, so it may hardly play.
  2. If you don’t have airtight enclosure for your DVD laser, first check whether the disc which is playing by the DVD is good or not with other DVD players, if the disc is good, then you know it’s time to clean the DVD laser  to fix that.
  3. A qualified DVD lens are needed, qualified cleaning brushes are needed, too.
  4. Follow the instructions to run cleaner through your DVD.
  5. It’s no need to clean your DVD lasers every time you use it. That depends on how often you use your DVD player and how clean you keep your DVDs.

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