Mercedes w220 aftermarket stereo Navigation system with car control ipod support

A car without having a w220 radio is definitely not too perfect. We now have already accustomed to listening music or sounds when we are alone, the unit with w220 sat nav system ,this is a w220 aftermarket stereo, while we are happy, or, when we’re with our relative.
Built-in analog and digital TV in w220 sat nav, supports DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T, ect, satisfie users’ needs for mobile digital TV, like, news, economic, sports, ect. The w220 radio will get social news and entertainment information at real-time, to enhance users’ daily driving life, this is exactly why w220 aftermarket stereo receives far more attention from auto owners.

w220 radio is high sensitive, its signal will not very easy to be influenced during driving. It could possibly receive FM/AM frequency without operating, it even helps keep 32 broadcasting channel, you will not be afraid there’s nothing good to hear inside your car. Because of its hi-def touchscreen display screen, you could have wonderful watching experience in vehicle.

w220 radio’s 3D navigation system, can display you much more info when you driving. The smart voice navigation technology could not only remind you the direction to your own spots, w220 aftermarket stereo also can remember the route that you often going to. W220 sat nav system even is able to play music during navigating, then you’ve got items to spend your time if there is a traffic jam.

There are far more functions of the w220 radio, about more instruction of w220 aftermarket stereo, please click to own more w220 sat nav’s information.

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