Let Car DVD GPS be with the World Cup – Take BMW E88 for Example

You will never put a car DVD GPS with the World Cup together before you see this title. Now, you see this title, what kind of information will come to your mind? Listen to the radio about the World Cup? Use the navigation system to go to the playing field? Play the theme song of the World Cup in your car DVD the whole day?


You are right. These are factors that I connect them together, but, they are not the key factor. Think again when will be the most exciting moment during the World Cup? It’s definitely the score goal moment. Every fan around the world will jump up and screaming for the team, it’s just like nothing better than that in the world ever and forever.


Since the score goal moment so important during the World Cup, you must want to watch the game in live broadcast. However, it’s not that lucky for everyone to watch the game on time. You have to work, go on a business trip or something else that keeps you away from home. Especially, when you have to spend you day outside only with your car, you are not able to watch the World Cup.


But this will change if your car has a car DVD GPS that has TV functions. If you care about car DVD, you must know now that most of car DVDs has built in analog TV, and built in Digital TV as option. That means, if your car DVD has TV function, you can watch the World Cup wherever you want.


Can you imagine that when you are outside and no way to get a TV to watch the game, but you don’t have to hurry back home because you have a car DVD which can watch the game. What a sweet entertainment unit!


Let’s take BMW E88 car DVD GPS for an example and know more about car DVD. This car DVD has built in analog TV which can watch TV directly. The optional TV – Digital TV, should be chosen when you buy the car DVD, and it should also work with the Set Top Box.


BMW E88 - car DVD GPS

BMW E88 – car DVD GPS

The Digital TV function provides you high quality of image and tone, which makes you feel like the field audiences, excited and also excited. And other functions, like the radio function, Bluetooth function and GPS function, are also helpful.


You may say you can use your IPAD or IPhone to watch the game, but you have an omnipotent car DVD, why do you bring so much electronics with your? I’m just kidding, but, it’s really a good choice to watch the World Cup in your car DVD GPS when you are needed.


More to know on website: http://www.seicane.com/car-dvd-player-for-bmw-1-series-e88-automatic-air-conditioner-with-gps-radio-tv-bluetooth-srd-8820-2

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