Latest Android 4.2 2010 2011 VW Volkswagen Golf 6 MK6 GPS DVD Player with Mirrorlink OBD II WIFI


Volkswagen Golf 6 MK6 GPS DVD player

Volkswagen Golf 6 MK6 GPS DVD player

It’s a Volkswagen Golf 6 MK6 GPS DVD player from Seicane.com. This head unit fits many car models, such as, 2001-2003/2005 Volkswagen Passat B5; 1997-2003 Volkswagen Golf MK4/IV; 1999-2005 Volkswagen Seat Leon(1M); 1998-2001/2005 Volkswagen Bora; 2005.05-2009.06 Volkswagen polo; Volkswagen Seat Ibiza(6L); 2003-2011 Volkswagen Scirocco, Volkswagen Golf 5, Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Passat B6, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Tiguan and so on. Check it out: http://www.seicane.com/top-2-din-android-4-2-2010-2011-vw-volkswagen-golf-6-mk6-gps-dvd-navi-update-am-fm-radio-aux-wifi-3g-bluetooth-obd2-1080p-backup-camera-k8405


If you are still looking for a head unit with radio, CD, MP3 function, this head unit can fulfill your needs. If you are looking for a head unit with GPS, Mirrorlink, Bluetooth, IPod, this head unit can fulfill your needs, too.


There are many great functions in this Volkswagen Golf 6 MK6 GPS DVD player. Let’s check the following.


3G and WIFI Internet connection: you can enjoy convenient e-life for video, TV, movie, music, radio and online communication, such as, YouTube, Twitter, MSN, Facebook and so on.


Bluetooth: you can connect any Bluetooth enabled phone to the system via Bluetooth to download phone book, read call history, play music in the head unit.


IPod and IPhone: you can charge your IPod or IPhone and play music from them by using a USB cable to connect them to the head unit.


DVD player: it has anti shock memory and last position memory feature, and it supports HD 1080P video. You can play discs of DVD/DIVX/MP4/MP3/MP2/VCD format. You can put a disc into the head unit in any interface. The DVD player will read disc for you and display videos or music directly.



Radio: it has standard AM/FM tuner, and it supports RDS and 30 preset radio stations (FM: 3*6, AM: 2*6).


Office tools: this unit supports reading and editing official documents, such as WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PDF, TXT and so on.


File Management: You can manage files on external storage devices by selecting, copying, pasting and deleting them.


It also supports Mirrorlink for IPhone and Samsung Galaxy. It supports OBD II for car system diagnosing. It supports rearview camera for car reversing and so on.


If you make sure the head unit fits your car, you can order it with the optional functions you want, such as, the Mirrorlink function, OBD II function, rearview camera and so on.


Volkswagen Golf 6 MK6 GPS DVD player

Volkswagen Golf 6 MK6 GPS DVD player

It is highly recommended that the product should be installed by professional staffs or an authorized dealer. Please don’t dismantle or repair the product by yourself to avoid additional damage or accident.


Installation requirement for GPS antenna:

  1. Separate the GPS antenna and power wire when connecting. For testing, place the GPS antenna on the passage seat.
  2. After installation is complete, check the GPS positioning and signal reception and so on.


After installation, you should test all the functions in the unit to see if it is compatible with your car perfectly. There’s something you should notice when testing the functions.


For the GPS navigation system: you should have inserted a SD card with the navigation map in it in the unit and install the map so that it can work in the head unit.


For the network: If you are not able to connect to Internet, make sure you have open WIFI and search for the right one with the correct code.


For Bluetooth function: the Bluetooth status in setting interface should be “on” when using this function.


You can know more functions and installation matters of this Volkswagen Golf 6 MK6 GPS DVD player on website. It’s great and cheap. You can ask the customer service to make sure if it fits your car.


Here’s the link of it, please feel free to click: http://www.seicane.com/top-2-din-android-4-2-2010-2011-vw-volkswagen-golf-6-mk6-gps-dvd-navi-update-am-fm-radio-aux-wifi-3g-bluetooth-obd2-1080p-backup-camera-k8405



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