Hummer H3 head unit GPS for auto

Hummer H3 head unit upgrade for gps BluetoothHummer H3 head unit built-in Bluetooth is definitely an in-car wireless hand-free method that relying on wireless Bluetooth technology. It is aimed at applying drivers hand-free phone talk during driving, and this technology decrease the traffic hidden trouble in a very certain extent.

Hummer H3 head unit built-in Bluetooth, which assists coming telephone number displaying and directly touching screen to call out, music as well. The stereo connects with mobile via Bluetooth, can read the music and contact information inside your cellular phone, that allows drivers can choose the favourite music on the stereo’s screen, can free hands to drive without interrupting by telephone calls, it is extremely convenient for that drivers who always place their stuff at random, along with an obvious benefit of a Bluetooth phone talk is, you would not receive traffic tickets for phone talk during driving.

Hummer H3 head unit fits to Hummer H3(2006-2009), for Hummer H3 users, the first screen’s function is quite limited, they complained that the original screen almost becomes a decoration for vehicle, and then they finally would have sellers in auto Dealerships or auto remodeling factory upgrade the vehicle to obtain additional functions, but it really spend much money if you have people to add one, you can accomplish it yourself.

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