How to Put an Aftermarket Touchscreen in 2013-2016 BMW 5 Series F10 F11 NBT?

People have different reasons to upgrade their factory car radio systems. If you are planning to install an aftermarket touchscreen head unit to your 2013 2014 2015 2016 BMW 5 Series F10 F11 NBT, you get to the right place. Let’s tell you how to do.


Section 1, Getting a suitable aftermarket head unit

When you Google car radio on the Internet, you are given thousands of options, as result, you find it’s hard to decide which to buy. You’d better make the buying plan at first, as below listed,

  1. Know the year and model of your car
  2. The way to upgrade the factory radio, like replacing the car screen, or changing the whole car radio system, or adding new speakers only etc.
  3. Make your budget.
  4. Now Google the radio you want.

This installation guide is showing you how to replace the car screen which turns out the super easy way to upgrade a BMW radio system. And we recommend the Seicane touchscreen car radio, it comes with lots of outstanding features including,

  • 10.25” large touchscreen, resolution up to 1920*720
  • Quality hardware to keep smooth operation and stable performance
  • Be compatible with original cars with / without original navigation
  • More entertainments such as listening to FM/AM radios, playing music, displaying videos, applying Carplay etc.
  • Support all original car functions, easy to use
  • Support original camera and aftermarket cameras

You can check more information at Seicane Official! They provide excellent service to each customer.


Section 2, Doing the best preparation

First of all, no matter what kind of job you do, you need to prepare tools to help you work conveniently and quickly. The tools you need to use for removing and installing a radio will include plastic pry tools, screwdrivers in different sizes, tape, electric drill and so on.

Secondly, as you can find, there are lots of car plugs we will work on, thus, powering off the car before working on the radio system is must. Keeping safety.

Lastly, do not put the disassembled accessories everywhere, or you may not find them in time.

Section 3, Removing and installing steps

Now, let’s follow below steps to start. See the original radio system.


Step 1, Use plastic pry tool to remove the A/C panel. Mind your hands, be careful not to scratch the panel.


Step 2, Take down the A/C panel, disconnect the plug.


Step 3, Remove two screws that fixed the car radio screen, one on left side, another on right side.


Step 4, Take down the car screen and unplug the connectors.


Step 5, Remove two screws that fixed the DVD button panel.


Step 6, Pry to remove the A/C button panel.


Step 7, Take out the DVD unit, unplug the power cable and the fiber optical connector (if with OEM fiber optical).


Step 8, Before using the aftermarket car radio screen, check its parts whether in good condition.


Step 9, Use new cable to connect the unplugged fiber optical connector (if with OEM fiber optical). If you are not sure the connectors, read the user manual.


Step 10, Then connect other new cables to the DVD unit, and install it back to the dashboard.


Step 11, Install back the DVD button panel as well as A/C button panel.


Step 12, Connect the new radio screen and fix it well.


Step 13, Finally, install back the A/C panel.


Step 14, You can turn on the car to use the new radio system to check whether everything works normally. If there is problem, it’s advised to double check the wiring condition and ask professional after-sale service if needed.


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