How to Deal with Usage Problems of In Dash Car DVD GPS with DVD IPod Bluetooth

In dash car DVD GPS brings lots of convenience to car owners. Its GPS navigation system shows the route to the destination for drivers; its DVD player plays the discs that drivers liked; its Bluetooth functions plays music from drivers’ cell phones and let drivers pick up phones without taking out their cell phones.


More functions with convenience for you to count, but you may also meet some problems when using this unit. It’s not a big deal to have problems with an electronic product, though it brings inconvenience to you sometimes.


The most frequent problems that drivers meet in using an in dash car DVD GPS would be about DVD, IPod and Bluetooth. Have you ever met a situation that your car DVD is playing disc without image, or without sound but with image? Did you ever think the IPod function in car DVD makes constant noise? And maybe the same problem comes with the Bluetooth function, too.


Just as I said, it’s not a big deal to have problems when using a car DVD, because they are possible to be solved. And, it’s easy.


First, the DVD issues. If your car DVD can play disc but without image, please go to the setting on main menu and make sure the “BRAKE” is closed. If you car DVD plays discs without sound, please go to the system menu and make sure the “BRAKE” is OFF.


Second, the IPod issues. This may cause by bad contact. Make sure the plug is in right place. If this can’t work, test this function with another IPod.


Third, the Bluetooth issues. Some drivers gave feedbacks that when making phones with Bluetooth function, there would be noises or echo. If you meet this problem, try to plug an external MIC at the end of the MIC line of the unit.


If all the solutions can’t help you with your problems, you’d better ask a professional or the customer service. They are willing to help you. If you are interested in car DVD, I would like to recommend one to you with good after sales service.


It’s an in dash car DVD GPS for Audi A5 from Seicane online market. I hope you like it.


Audi A5 in dash car DVD GPS

Audi A5 in dash car DVD GPS

7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen

Sirf ARM11 High Speed CPU.Wince6.0 Operation System

Built-in GPS navigation system

IPOD Support. Charging and playing Ipod in the meanwhile

USB and SD port. Support MP3/MP4/JPEG/WMA/DVD/CD/VCD/DIVX/MPEG etc.


More information can be found on website: http://www.seicane.com/audi-a5-2008-2013-head-unit-dvd-player-gps-navigation-system-with-bluetooth-tv-ipod-si-9108-1

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