How to choose an Aftermarket In Dash Car DVD GPS for BMW X1 E84 2012 2013 with DVD Radio CANBUS IPod TV

BMW - in dash car DVD GPS

BMW X1 E84 – in dash car DVD GPS

A car DVD to a car is just like a TV to a house. A house without TV (or computer) would be bored by people who live in it. It’s the same that a car without car stereo will make drivers or passengers feel boring. So, every car comes with an original car stereo which supports radio and disc play functions. However, original car stereo is not welcome by car owners now. They want to upgrade a new car DVD like in dash car DVD GPS for their car. For the reason that, car DVD has many great functions, like GPS TV IPod Bluetooth and so on.


If I’m a car owner, I would like to collect the latest information about car DVD for my car half a year. It’s ok to do this two times in a year, because car DVD is not a disposable product, you don’t need to upgrade it too often. But, car DVD is one of the electronic products, it upgrades fast. If you want to follow the fashion, you can upgrade it one or two times in a year.


Since you want to upgrade your car stereo (or maybe two times in a year), it maybe a little difficult for you to choose a suitable one for your car. Actually, there are tactics to choose car DVDs.


  1. Choose a car DVD from a regular store. A regular store would provide customer all the things that are needed in the trade, like the invoice, quality guarantee and after-sales services.
  2. Choose a car DVD fit for your car model. A car DVD which is not design in your car model cannot install into your car, so check the detailed information of a car DVD before you buy it.
  3. Choose a car DVD can fulfill your need. What kind of functions do you want? What do you want the unit do for you? How much can you pay for it? if you want a car DVD with GPS, at the same time, it can play music when navigating, you have to choose a car DVD with the dual zone function.


There are still many other things should be paid attention to when choosing a car DVD player, but the three advices mentioned above should be noticed first. If you are still confused with this, here’s an example for you.

Please refer to the product page, then, you will find all the information mentioned above in it. What’s more, maybe you can find the in dash car DVD GPS fits to your car, feel free to click: http://www.seicane.com/bmw-x1-e84-2012-2013-head-unit-aftermarket-stereo-gps-navigation-system-with-dvd-radio-canbus-tv-ipod-si-9209

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