How to Buy a Car DVD GPS with IPod Bluetooth Radio Online

Search online for goods is easy for us. But, not every product is easy to purchase online, especially for car DVD GPS. If you want to buy a car DVD GPS from net, you’d better pay more time and attention on it.


Before we buy car DVDs from online shops, we should know about the merchants. There are two kinds of them, one is specialized in car DVDs, the other one is marketing for everything, including car DVD. No matter in which shop, you can find a good car DVD. But they may be different in prices or in after sales customer service.


Since you want to buy car DVDs from one of the online markets, you’d better know about the market before. A good online market offers you the latest products with details, includes the price, the functions and the advice for installation. More information may be provided, that depends on the merchants.


After you choose a merchant you like, then check the products in it. A car DVD GPS should have some basic functions, such as the disc play function and radio function. But you may not just want to buy a new car DVD GPS for your car with the basic functions, which are already in your original car stereo. Find new car DVDs with the functions you like, like GPS, TV, IPod, Bluetooth and so on. Then, compare them with the prices and choose the one you can afford.


One more thing before you order the product, check the after sales service in the online market, includes the warranty period, the return policy and the refund. This will be very important. A good merchant will tell customers these items clearly, and guarantees customer’s benefit. If you find this information easily and clearly, then, you can order your favorite car DVD GPS.


If you don’t want to spend time online for long to search for a suitable car DVD, I would like to recommend one to you. Here’s the information.




BMW 5 Series E60 GPS navigation with Radio Bluetooth IPod


It adopts the latest 800MHZ ARM11 processor to develop high performance multimedia car DVD with the functions of GPS navigation, audio & video, entertainment and etc.

Supports HD Video with 1080P (Built-in IC: TW8825), with MP5.

256MB RAM. Supports external 500 GB Hard Disk Drive.

Supports Sanyo 6 disc DVD changer (optional)

Built-in GPS navigation system. Supports 3D GPS map

Supports original car reverse track (can’t support if original car don’t have)

Equipped with specialized Can bus box


Wish you like this car DVD, more to know on website: http://www.seicane.com/bmw-5-series-e60-gps-navigation-with-radio-bluetooth-ipod-srd-8808

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