Functions with Options for BMW E81 2004-2012 In Dash Car DVD Player with 3G WIFI Radio GPS

Most of the car owners misunderstand that a car DVD with many functions can play all the functions in their cars once they have this unit. You may also be confused too. You may think that your BMW E81 in dash car DVD player with GPS function should navigate the car as long as it is installed in the car, but why it can’t work? Let me give an example.

BMW E81 in dash car DVD

BMW E81 in dash car DVD

Suppose that you have a remote controller, this tool can remote control TV to make reactions. However, it can’t work as you get it. What’s wrong with the unit? Actually, nothing’s wrong with it, check that whether you have put a battery into the remote controller. If not, it can’t work.

It’s the same with an in dash car DVD. You set up everything, but the GPS function can’t work, do you have a map with this function? If not, of course it can’t work. GPS navigation system is a function which should work with a map, and the map is always an option with the unit. If you want to use this function, please order one with this unit.

There are some other functions should work with optional accessories. The rearview camera function would be one of them. Many cars are with this function now, it helps drivers a lot when reversing the car, and reduce the probability of accidents. So, many car owners will choose a car DVD player with this function when they upgrade their car stereos.

However, pay attention that this function is without camera when buying this car DVD. You can choose one with it, or you can buy a rearview camera in other places. But to remind you that please choose one can work with this unit if you buy the camera elsewhere.

Another useful function should be chosen with your car DVD would be the Digital TV function. You should know which digital TV standard your country is using before you choose this function with your car DVD. There are 3 mainly digital TV standards in the world:

  1. DVB-T: Mainly apply in Europe, Australia, India, etc.
  2.  ATSC: Mainly apply in the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea, etc.
  3. ISDB: Mainly apply in Japan, Brazil, Peru and some other South American countries.

Make sure you can use all the functions you want of an in dash car DVD before you buy one, if you are not clear with the product and functions, ask the customer service for sure. More information of BMW E81 in dash car DVD player can be found on: http://www.seicane.com/android-bmw-e81-1-series-head-unit-dvd-player-gps-navigation-system-with-3g-wifi-radio-bluetooth-sia-9205-1

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