Frequent Asked Questions of TV Dual Zone Radio GPS for In Dash Car DVD GPS- Take BMW E93 3 Series from Seicane for Example

As customers, we always curious about the product we are going to buy, especially for the expensive products. And today, more and more customers purchase online, we not only care about the price, but also care about the quality and details of a product. Because we cannot watch the product face to face, we cannot feel it by our hands, we always want to ask the merchant how is the product, what kind of functions it has, what can it do for me and so on. If you are looking for an in dash car DVD GPS online, you’d better do that. And, most of the car DVD buyers asked online before they order a car DVD.


I would like to show you what kind of questions the car DVD customers asked often, following are the FAQs of BMW 3 series E93 from Seicane online market.


BMW E93 in dash car DVD GPS

BMW E93 in dash car DVD GPS

First question is about TV. Customers always asked whether the TV is analog TV or Digital TV in this car DVD. Actually, most of the car DVD players in Seicane online market have built-in analog TV. If you want a built-in Digital TV, please select DVB-T, or ATSC-MH, or I-SDB-T according to the country you are in when place order.


Second question is about Dual Zone function. Customers ask this question because they don’t understand it in some ways. In fact, Dual zone function is easy to understand, with it in your car DVD GPS, you can listen to music when using the GPS navigation system.


The third question would be about the radio function. Though radio function is not a new thing to us, but different radios may support different radio frequency. This BMW in dash car DVD GPS supports AM/FM/RDS.


The questions asked a lot by customers would be about GPS function, like why GPS cannot locate, does car DVD player comes with navigation map. If GPS cannot locate, check the GPS antenna to see whether it’s plugged. If not, please insert it. Navigation map is optional, if you select one, the merchant will send SD card of your region with the car DVD player.


You see how helpful the FAQs are, if you have any questions, you can ask online before you buy car DVD, especially for in dash car DVD GPS. You may care about the installation, warranty and so on.


If you are willing to know more, here’s the link of BMW 3 series E93 in dash car DVD GPS from Seicane, feel free to know more: http://www.seicane.com/android-bmw-e93-3-series-cabriolet-head-unit-dvd-player-gps-navigation-system-with-3g-wifi-radio-bluetooth-sia-9203-3

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