Enjoy Mirrorlink Function in Android 4.2 1997-2004 VW Volkswagen Golf 4 GPS Navigation System


Volkswagen Golf 4 GPS Navigation System

Volkswagen Golf 4 GPS Navigation System

Here is an Android 4.2 Volkswagen Golf 4 GPS navigation system. There are many amazing functions in it, such as, 3D navigation system, Bluetooth, IPod and IPhone music, TV, USB and SD card, radio RDS and so on. Check out on: http://www.seicane.com/7-inch-pure-android-4-2-radio-gps-navigation-system-for-1997-2004-vw-volkswagen-golf-4-with-dvd-3g-wifi-bluetooth-obd2-mirror-link-reverse-camera-1080p-k7648


If you are a fan of car head unit, you must know about the Mirrorlink function. It would be one of the latest functions which are in car stereos. You are able to show your smartphone interface in the head unit and control your phone in both the screen of the unit and in your phone.


The head unit would be like a big display of smartphones but more than a display. No matter in which interface, you are able to operate the phone in the head unit screen. You can share videos from your phone with friends by the head unit; you can read message in the head unit; you can dial numbers and answer phone calls on the head unit screen, too.


This function in this Volkswagen Golf 4 GPS navigation system supports IPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The connection is easy. If you have an IPhone, you may connect it to the unit by WIFI. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, you will connect it to the unit by a USB cable.


After connection, you can enjoy Mirrorlink function freely. It’s cool and convenient for car owners. If you enjoy this function, you can check out whether this head unit fits your car. If not, you can also come to Seicane online shop for other car models. There are many car stereos support Mirrorlink function in Seicane.


Here are more functions of this Volkswagen Golf 4 GPS navigation system for you.


Volkswagen Golf 4 GPS Navigation System

Volkswagen Golf 4 GPS Navigation System

It has 7 inch HD touch screen. The DVD player supports 1080p HD video in it. You can open files of WMA/JPEG/MPEG/DVD/DIVX/MP4/MP3/MP2/VCD format in it. The DVD player also has anti shock memory and last position memory feature. You can play songs or videos from where you stop last time.


It supports Office tools for reading and editing office documents, such as, WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PDF, TXT and so on. It supports Aux in for audio and video input and output with RCA video output, CAM IN video Input, video in, RCA audio FR/FL/RR/RL, subwoofer output and AUX audio R/L input.


If you want to have a special car DVD player for yourself, you can DIY wallpaper, Illumination, main menu in this unit. It has 8 live wallpapers and 21 wallpapers preloaded; it has 8 panel light colors. And, you can set hundreds of colors via RGB combination. You can drag Search Bar, Weather Forecast Widgets, Music/Radio/BT-Stereo Player, Apps or other Bookmarks on main menu to set your own menu.


It has some great optional functions, such as, OBD II, external TV tunner, car speed DVR, rearview camera and so on. The Mirrorlink function is an optional function, too. You can pick these functions when ordering the unit.


The OBD II function will get information of car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, revolving speed, environment temperature, intake pressure, throttle position, air flow, computer load, car speed for you. You can base on the codes and deal with the problems in your car.


The car speed DVR function will record driving video when you turn on the head unit. The recording videos will be stored in SD card. You can playback in the unit directly. You can also playback in other devices, such as, cell phones, TVs and computers.


Wish you like this head unit. You are welcome to know more about its other function on website. Here’s the link: http://www.seicane.com/7-inch-pure-android-4-2-radio-gps-navigation-system-for-1997-2004-vw-volkswagen-golf-4-with-dvd-3g-wifi-bluetooth-obd2-mirror-link-reverse-camera-1080p-k7648


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