Easy Upgrade a 2006-2011 Opel Antara Radio to a Touch Screen GPS DVD Stereo

The Opel Antara comes with CD radio which brings fun to your driving. However, you may find that the screen of it is too small and the functions in it are too limited. An aftermarket multifunction DVD player can do more than the original Opel Antara radio can do for you. You may enjoy E-life by 3G and WIFI function; you may be possible to use hand free and enjoy music via Bluetooth function; you may be possible to enjoy HD movies by DVD function; you may also enjoy TV shows and so on.


Many car owners worry that upgrade the Opel Antara radio may cost lots of time and money. In fact, the upgrade is simple and the cost of the new unit depends on your choice. You can pick an affordable head unit with the functions you want and install it in your car.


Though the upgrade is simple, it’s not recommended to upgrade the head unit yourself if you didn’t have training before. Please ask a professional for help and install the new unit professionally. Before the upgrade, please apply the parking brake and disconnect the negative cable on the vehicle battery to ensure security. During the upgrade, please protect the front seats and trim panel.


Here are upgrade steps for an Opel Antara radio for your reference.


Opel Antara Radio

Opel Antara Radio

  1. Dismantle the original radio. As you see, there are 4 holes on the radio. Insert 4 screws into the holes to hook the unit up, then, pull the unit out of the dash. There are wiring harness at the back of the radio. Disconnect them carefully and put the radio aside.
  2. Install the new unit. Please refer to the installation instruction from the dealer if you have it. Connect the new unit to the original wiring harness as the instruction shows. You should connect the wires correctly and install the antennas in right positions. After that, slide the unit into the dash and connect the negative cable on the battery. Turn on the new unit and operate it as the user manual requires. Test all the functions in the unit to see if everything works well. If it doesn’t, double check the wires connections or contact the technicians from the dealer for help.


After installation, you can go for a drive with the new unit now. Wish the upgrade step could help you. If you are still looking for a new unit for your car, there’s a multifunction GPS DVD stereo for your choice. It fits 2006-2011 Opel Antara. And, it’s on discount now. Check it out: http://www.seicane.com/pure-android-4-2-replacement-autoradio-gps-dvd-player-for-2006-2011-opel-antara-with-wifi-3g-bluetooth-obd2-aux-usb-sd-mirror-link-k7681


Opel Antara Radio

Opel Antara Radio

This head unit has Android 4.2 OS and 7 inch 800*480 touch screen. It supports 5 points touch operation for zooming in and out pictures and controlling game characters’ movement etc. It supports controlling the car’s function keys by operating the steering wheel buttons.


There are many functions in it. It has WIFI module for direct connection to WIFI wireless hotspots and supports optional 3G dongle. You can surf on Internet and enjoy E-life services freely. You can also download apps or upgrade software in the unit.


The navigation system in this unit supports GPS maps with voice cues and cursors. You can install a 3D map in it and set routes. You can also connect it to Internet and use online maps.


It also supports OBD II car diagnostic system to monitor the car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, revolving speed, environment temperature, intake pressure and so on.


There are more functions in this head unit. You are welcome to know more and get discount now.

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