Daily Maintenance Suggestions for In Dash Car DVD with Great Functions

A car without a car DVD is like a house without a TV. Car DVD players are one of the most important car accessories. It brings fun and convenience to car owners. You can name many functions of it, GPS navigation system, TV, IPod, radio and so on. All these functions make car DVD players great and useful.


In daily use, good use habit keep your car DVD player in good condition. You don’t want your new car DVD player just work for two months and break down forever. Then, how to keep it working? Careful upkeep should be taken to car DVD players. The screen, the DVD laser and the software are included.


The screen is the window of a car DVD. You watch the screen to operate functions; you touch it to choose the step you want; you watch the screen to get information from different functions. It’s so important that you have to keep it in good condition. Clean it often with soft cloth; touch it with a touch pen; avoid sharp objects. In a word, treat it as gentle as you can.


The next upkeep we should pay attention to would be the DVD function. The DVD laser inside DVD box is the core part of this function. If it breaks down, this function cannot be used, too. Try to clean it with detergent once or twice a month. And the discs you put in it should be kept clean so that they won’t bring too much dust to DVD laser.


Many people don’t pay attention to software upgrade in car DVD players. For those software you can upgrade, keep them in latest version would be good. The environment around a car DVD is important, too. Keep your car DVD player in a comfort temperature and humidity can keep it work well for a long time. Don’t hit it hard.


There may be other methods to maintain a car DVD player, you can try to find out by yourself. Good luck to you and your car DVD.


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Audi A8 S8 in dash car DVD

Audi A8 S8 in dash car DVD

Audi A8 S8 in dash car DVD player:


Built-in GPS navigation system.

Mini USB and SD card.

Built in analog TV.

Build in Bluetooth for hand free.

Build in Bluetooth music.

Dual zone function support.

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