Buy A Good and Cheap Car DVD GPS for Mercedes Benz G-Class W463 with TV Bluetooth Dual Zone Function


BMW W463 car DVD GPS

Mercedes Benz W463 car DVD GPS

Car DVD GPS for Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463(2001-2008)


  • 7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen
  • Sanyo Heat-Resistant DVD loader(SF-HD860MC)
  • Built-in GPS navigation system. Support 3D GPS map
  • Built in analog TV. Built in digital TV(DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T) as options
  • Dual zone function support.


As you see, it’s a car DVD GPS with great functions. If you’re a car owner, you must want to have a car DVD GPS like this in your car, too. It’s a good idea.


A good car DVD brings lots of fun to drivers during driving. Drivers are able to listen to radio to know the traffic conditions so that they can choose the best way to drive. They are able to listen to music during a long bored journey so that keep them away from tiredness. And, they are able to use the rearview camera to watch out when reversing their cars.


Since a good car DVD player brings lots of convenience to drivers, you don’t need to hesitate to buy one for your car. But, you have to buy the one which is fit to your car model, or it can’t work as normal in your car.


The first thing is to find a good car DVD that can fulfill your need, the second thing is to find a good car DVD from a good merchant with good service.


Then, you may still ask where to buy a good car DVD player? There are many ways to buy a good car DVD. You can ask your friends who had brought a good car DVD player before, and let him recommend you one. He must know what kind of car DVD player should be a good car DVD player.


Before you buy a car DVD, ask about the details of after-sales service. You should know what to do if it breaks down in some day. Then, you can deal with the merchant easily.


If you really don’t know how to find a good car DVD for your car, you can pick up this one, or check out other car DVD player in Seicane Electronics Limited, here’s the link:


Seicane will send you a 6 meter long cable with the unit, the connection method is as following.


wires for Mercedes Benz W463 car DVD GPS

wires for Mercedes Benz W463 car DVD GPS

The connector 1 is connected to the CANBUS box we provided in the package.

The connector 2 is connected to the back of our unit.

The connector 3 is connected to your original car’s speaker plug.

The connector 4 is CAN cable.Please connect it to your original car’s CAN plug.

The connector 5 is power plug.Please connect this plug to your amplifier box’s power plug.


If you have any questions about installation, you are wellcome to ask seicane online, or call for help. Wish you enjoy shopping.


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