Audi TT Stereo Removal and Upgrade to Touch Screen GPS Navigation DVD Player

Have you ever thought of upgrading your Audi TT stereo and replace it with a new multifunctional one? It’s good to have a car stereo with many functions during driving. You may get help from GPS system when you get lost in a new city; you can monitor your car system and notice problems at the very beginning so that you can deal with them in time; you can enjoy radio or music during a long journey and so on.


It sounds great. And, if you make up your mind to upgrade your car unit, the simplest way to do it would be upgrading the head unit in a car stereo upgrade shop. You can buy the new unit from the market and ask the staff in a car stereo upgrade shop to install it in your car. If you want to do it yourself, please make sure you know every step of the replacement and follow a professional installation instruction.


The following are the removal steps for an Audi TT stereo from 2006 to 2012. Before you remove the stereo, please apply the parking brake and disconnect the negative cable on vehicle battery to ensure security.


  1. Prepare four hooks as the picture shows. There are four holes on the original car stereo. Insert the hooks in the four holes and tick tight. Then, use your hands to pull the hooks gently. You may do this for several times to pull the stereo out of the dash.                                 Audi TT 1 Audi TT 2
  2. In halfway through the pull, take the hooks off the unit and use your hands to take the unit out of the dash. You will find wires at the back of the unit. Remove them carefully and put the stereo aside.             Audi TT 3
  3. Take out your new unit and connect it to the car. Please refer to wiring diagram and connect the wires correctly. If you don’t know how to connect the wires, please ask a professional for help. You can ask the dealer for help in many cases.
  4. After installation, connect the negative cable on the vehicle battery and turn on the new unit to check whether it is compatible with your car. If every function works well. The installation is done.


It’s easy to upgrade an Audi TT stereo. Wish the information above could help you. If you meet any question during upgrade or usage, please ask for help. You are not recommended to dismantle the unit yourself.


If you are looking for a new good and cheap head unit for your Audi TT, I would like to share one with you. This unit has Android 4.2 operation system and 7 inch HD LCD touch screen. Check it out to see if it fits your car and can fulfill your needs: http://www.seicane.com/pure-android-4-2-oem-radio-gps-navigation-dvd-player-head-unit-for-2006-2012-audi-tt-with-bluetooth-aux-wifi-3g-1080p-mirror-link-obd2-k7685


Audi TT stereo

Audi TT stereo

This GPS DVD player supports 5 points touch operation for zooming in and out pictures and controlling game characters’ movement etc. And, it supports controlling the car’s function keys by operating the steering wheel buttons.


It has navigation system for GPS maps with voice directions and cursor hints. You can connect the unit to Internet via 3G or WIFI network and use online navigation map, too.


Besides, this unit has Bluetooth function for phone book, music, call history and so on; it supports IPod and IPhone music; it supports OBD II car diagnostic system to monitor your car; it supports digital TV systems, such as, DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T and so on.


You will never feel bored with this unit. Know more on website and get it with discount now.

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