Android 4.2 2014 Toyota Corolla DVD Player Support 3D GPS Map Bluetooth Radio RDS


Toyota Corolla DVD Player

Toyota Corolla DVD Player

It’s a latest OEM head unit for 2014 Toyota Corolla from Seicane.com. This Toyota Corolla DVD player has many built-in functions, such as, GPS navigation system, Bluetooth, USB and SD card, radio, WIFI, Multi-point operation and so on. Check it out on: http://www.seicane.com/8-inch-double-din-pure-android-4-2-2014-toyota-corolla-dvd-radio-mp3-player-touch-screen-bluetooth-hd-1080p-3g-wifi-aux-dvr-mirror-link-obd2-k7104


This head unit is great for the reason that it’s not only with many functions, but also cheap. It supports 37 kinds of OSD languages, such as, Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Deutsch and so on. You can DIY wallpaper, Illumination and main menu in it.


The dual zone function supports GPS and entertainment functions working at the same time. You can enjoy radio or music when viewing the GPS map. If you have an IPhone or IPod which is power off, you can charge them in the unit by a USB cable. Of course, you can play songs from them, too.


Operation system Pure Android 4.2.2
CPU RK3066 1.6GHz Cortex A9 Dual-core (safely overclockable to 1.8GHz provided adequate cooling)
GPU Mali-400MP4 Quad-core GPU @250MHz up to 400MHz
CPU Chipset U-BLXO G6010 ST
ROM Samsung DDR3 1GB
Flash/Hard disc capacitance 8G extendable to 32


It has DSP (digital signal processing system) to give you perfect audio sound. You can enjoy music all your way.


Let’s check out the key functions in this Toyota Corolla DVD player:


The GPS navigation system supports both 2D and 3D maps. Some GPS maps can do more than you think. For example, though you are in another interface, the voice system in it will prompt you at real time by lower background music. Once you set a route but drive off the road, the system will notice it and re-plan a new route for you. This unit also supports online map. You can connect it to the Internet and enjoy online navigation.


The Bluetooth function supports answering phone calls on the head unit touch screen directly after Bluetooth connection. It also supports downloading phone book from your phone to the head unit. You can read phone book in the screen clearly. The call history is available, too. You can check received calls, missed calls and dialed numbers in head unit. You can also enjoy music from your phone.


It has standard AM/FM tuner with RDS. You can select channels by program types, such as, music, education, sports and so on. You can preset 30 radio stations for AM/FM. And, it can memorize 30 station frequencies according to your preference.


It has built-in WIFI module. You can connect it to WIFI hotspots and enjoy E-life services freely. It supports 3G dongle as options, too.


If you are interested in it, please feel free to know more on website. It’s on discount now: http://www.seicane.com/8-inch-double-din-pure-android-4-2-2014-toyota-corolla-dvd-radio-mp3-player-touch-screen-bluetooth-hd-1080p-3g-wifi-aux-dvr-mirror-link-obd2-k7104


Toyota Corolla DVD Player

Toyota Corolla DVD Player

Please make sure you have added all the optional functions you want with this unit when ordering. After you get the unit, please check all the accessories carefully.


For the sake of safety and proper use of the head unit, it is highly recommended that the product is installed by professional staff or an authorized dealer. Please do not dismantle or repair the product by yourself to avoid additional damage or accident.


Don’t self-service or maintain the unit. If there’s anything wrong with the unit, you’d better go to a 4S shop or a professional for help. You can also ask the dealer for help.


You can use a protective film on the screen to protect the screen and avoid sharp object to hit the screen in daily usage. Don’t cut off power supply when using the unit. It will damage the unit.


Wish you like this Toyota Corolla DVD player and enjoy shopping in Seicane.com.


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