A detailed installation guide for a 2009-2012 Mazda PREMACY head unit with GPS navigation system Quad-core CPU 16G Flash Mirror link multi-touch screen OBD DVR Backup camera TV 3G WIFI

A new head unit can bring much convenience and enjoyment to both car owners and passengers at the same time. Therefore, more and more car owners are trying to replace the factory radio with a new car stereo. With a correct installation guide, the new stereo can be easily installed in your car. The following is a step-by-step 2009-2012 Mazda PREMACY head unit installation guide from Seicane for the reference of car owners of 2009-2012 Mazda PREMACY.

2009-2012 MAZDA 5 PREMACY car radio after installation

2009-2012 MAZDA 5 PREMACY car radio after installation

Some tips before the installation:

1. Please disconnect the power before the installation.

2. Please prepare a lever and a screwdriver before the removal and the installation.

3. Please keep all the separate parts from the car. Please take great care of the dashboard to avoid scratching it during its detachment and installation. Please keep handy any parts from the car and make use of all the original screws from the car as much as possible. so each related part of the unit can be fixed securely.

4. For your convenience, here’s the recommended tools for removal and installation from Seicane, please check for more details: http://www.seicane.com/car-dvd-dismantling-device-srd-400

2009-2012 MAZDA 5 PREMACY head unit installation guide

1.Unclip and remove the cup holder panel in the center console.

2. Unclip and remove the small pocket panel on the back of the center console behind shifter.

3. Remove 2 8mm bolts under cup holder panel holding the back half of the center console to the front half.

4. Unscrew and remove the shift knob.

5. Unclip and remove the shifter trim panel.

6. Unclip and remove the shifter trim panel.

7. Unclip and pull back the panels at the lower front sides of the center console.

8. Unclip and pull back the panels at the lower front sides of the center console.

9. Unclip and remove the vent panel including the hazard switch above the factory radio.

10. Its easier to remove 2 screws by setting this piece on the top of the dash.

11. Remove 2 screws from behind the shifter trim.

12. Pull center console toward, this will help gain access to 2 screws under the climate controls.

13. Remove 2 screws.

14. Unclip harness and pull rear center console backwards.

15. Press in shifter release trigger and pull shifter down, make sure to have e brake on.

16. Press in side prongs to release climate controls.

17. Remove one screw and one 10mm bolt.

18. Pull factory stereo out to release clips, then unplug original radio’s connectors.

19. Connect the harnesses to the back of the new Seicane head unit.

20. Connect the Seicane head unit to your original car radio ‘s plugs.

21. Turn on the new Seicane head unit to have a careful check if everything works well. If it doesn’t, please check whether all the cables are connected correctly.

22.Put the new Seicane head unit into the dash.

23. Put everything into their original place. All the installation is done.

Above all, you need to make clear about every step before you start to install this 2009-2012 Mazda PREMACY head unit in your car. If there is any question, you can seek help from your dealer. If you don’t have any experience on the installation, it’s strongly suggested you ask a professional to install your new unit. If you are still looking for a suitable head unit for your car, I’d like to recommend a great 2009-2012 Mazda PREMACY head unit from Seicane to you. Please click for more details:


Specially built for 2009-2012 Mazda PREMACY, this car stereo is an excellent replacement for you to upgrade your factory radio. It is equipped with an advanced Android system to smooth the operation as well as enhance the capabilities.

Wirth this popular 2009-2012 Mazda PREMACY head unit in you car, you can play a number of entertainment programs to keep both yourself and your passengers pleasant all the way. Easy to install, this requires no wire in your car to be modified or cut. And it’s just plug and play. Wish you like it and good luck to you!

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