7 inch Car gps navigation for Mercedes-Benz GLK X204

Most car DVD players are equipped with USB port and SD slot, allowing you directly play
MP3/MP4 or other more digital files from the USB drive and SD card. This will offer you more audio and video resource for car amusement.So, there is no doubt that all these advanced functions make the car DVD player much more attractive, and also bring people limitless entertainment enjoyments in every day’s driving life. With the rapid development of car electronic, I believe that more advanced functions will be added to the car multi-media player, making people’s driving lifestyle much more exciting.Here we will introduce one 7 inch Car gps navigation for Mercedes-Benz GLK X204. It has all of the car gps navigation’s functions.

Fit to these cars:
Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 (2008-2012) 

Product features:
We adopt the latest ARM11 to develop high performance multimedia Car dvd with the functions of navigation, audio&video, entertainment and etc.
HD video:1080P.
RAM 256,Support hard disk 500G and HD map.
Support Sanyo 6 disc DVD changer (optional)
GPS navigation function:SiRF Prima, CPU: ARM11,800MHZ ,WinCE6.0
support original car reverse track(can’t support if original car don’t have)
Support MP5 Multimedia HD video play
SD card maximum support:128G

You may imagine a beautiful scene: it is a nice Sunday morning, the weather is fine, and your husband and you are free today, so you decide to take your children to have a picnic in the open air. After all things are ready, your husband drives you and your children to the destination. On the way to the destination, all of you are very happy. At first, your children and you are talking about some funny things, and there burst laughter from time to time. But after you finish talking about all things, you may want to find some other interesting things to pass the boring time. At this time, car DVD player may be an excellent choice. With the car DVD players, your children could watch their favorite cartoons or
interesting movies, and they can also play exciting games.Car DVD players are perfect companions for long journeys and boring drives. They allow the passengers of the car to listen to their favourite music, watch interesting movies and relax themselves. Take a look at the vast variety of car DVD at the Internet; you will be deeply impressed by their features and functions.

What’ more, the Bluetooth function can offer hand-free phone calls and built-in phone book, which can avoid the danger of controlling the steering wheel by only one hand.
Of course, car DVD player has many other wonderful functions, I just list some common and most used functions. As the development of the society, I think 7 inch Car gps navigation for Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 will bring us a lot of unexpected surprise.

Key parameters:
Operating voltage range: DC10.5V~ 16V; Maximum operating current: 10A
Operating temperature : -20º~60º
Storage temperature: -30º~70º
Standby current: ≤50mA
After power off in 10 minutes: <1mA
Shutdown current: <1mA

A car DVD player can be easily installed in your car as it comes standard in some cars. It can provide you with audio and video entertainments which will make your driving life less boring but more colorful. So why frazzle your nerves trying to keep the kids entertained when modern technology can do it for you.If you and your kids have a different taste in music, then an iPod or Walkman is a good helper. Story tapes are also great for keeping younger kids occupied. Watch interesting TV shows or exciting Hollywood movies are also good choices, if your children feel very boring and fidgety, you can download some interesting movies to help them to pass the boring time.

In order to make the driving more interesting and enjoyable, many car owners prefer to have a car DVD players installed in the car, though many cars have already installed a car DVD, many people think its functions can’t meet their demands or they just like DIY.Thus, with a car DVD player built in the vehicle, you can enjoy much amusement with your passengers together and it can make your journey less boring or even kind of interesting.

Nowadays, transportation has been developing so fast, thus, the number of roads increases quickly, which increases the possibility of getting lost. Though there are usually some signposts along the avenues serving for guidance of direction, you may find it difficult to find a way out quickly, and if you drive a car, you will find it more inconvenient. Especially when you travel in an unfamiliar city, various streets and strange buildings may make you
dazzled. Such circumstances are very common in the daily life.

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