9-step About How to Install Seicane Car Radio with GPS Carplay in Subaru WRX

As one of popular car radio brands in the market, Seicane is committed to manufacturing quality different car radio systems to fit various car models such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru etc. With the amazing features and functions offered by the Seicane radios, car owners have more joy in their journey, as well as keep a safer drive on the road.


Apart from providing good products, Seicane also brings best pre-sales and after-sales service to customers all over the world. For example, there are lots of useful installation guides of car radio can be found in Seicane blogs. Most people get great assistance with these blog posts. And at this post, you’ll get the detailed steps to replace Subaru WRX factory radio. Check if they are useful for you.

9 steps to remove and install car radio in Subaru WRX  

Before working, prepare basic pry tools and screwdrivers, and make sure you cut off the car power as this is an electronics-related project.

Step 1, To remove the panel device: Use the pry tool and feed it down the side until the panel device pried up, then you can take it out.s1

Step 2, Unplug connects of the vent and the AC controllers on the panel device.


Step 3, Remove these tabs, vents, AC controls of the panel as we need to use them on the new aftermarket car radio from Seicane.s3

Step 4, Get to remove these six screws that fixed the original radio unit.s4

Step 5, Take down this small metal sheet, then pull out the radio unit and unplug its connectors.s5

The removal of Subaru WRX factory radio is done, following we go to install the Seicane car radio in the car.

Step 6, For smooth work, have a check for the cable harness and other accessories of Seicane car radio with Carplay.s6


Step 7, Install the tabs, vents, AC controls in the new radio system.s7

Step 8, Correspondingly connect the cables between the new radio and the car. Keep your patience and attentiveness at this step, and if you are not sure about the interfaces, check with the radio user manual.s8

Step 9, You can turn on the car to test whether the new radio works normally; if not, check again the cables whether connected correctly.s9


Replacing the factory radio by yourself may take you some time and bring some difficulties, but it’s also a process of enjoyment and at the end you will reap the joy of success. What’s more, with this multifunctional aftermarket car radio navigation system from Seicane installed in the car, your driving experience will be greatly improved.

On one hand, comapared to the factory radio, Seicane radio gives you more methods for entertainment. You can enjoy music with quality sound effects, listen to more channels of radio, watch videos at HD resolution, surf the Internet with high speed. Since Carplay is supported in this radio, by using a Carplay USB dongle, you can easily connect your phone to the radio, then freely use phone apps on the large screen the radio provided. On the other hand, there are functions that can help you use the car safely. For example, with Bluetooth function, you can make hand free calls whenever you want; with 3D navigation, you know the route situation clearly to avoid traffic; the radio supports rear view camera, this will assist you to park the car smoothly…

Installing the Seicane car radio system with GPS, you drive better on the road.car-radio-navigation


A Quick Guide to Replace 2008-2012 Renault Duster Nissan NP200 Factory Stereo System

Generally speaking, manufacturers applied the latest stereo technologies in their new cars in order to meet people’s needs and increase sales. While old cars usually come a common radio that users can only use to listen to music and radios, having no way to use more functions such as watching videos, displaying navigation. For these car owners, upgrading the factory radio is the best way.

To get a multifunctional car radio, drivers can upgrade it in the car shops, or just purchase a quality aftermarket radio navigation system and replace it by themselves. If you are not knowing where to start, here is the reference of replacing the 2008-2012 Renault Duster Nissan NP200 factory stereo.

Factory car radio replacement guide

Need tools: Screwdriver, pry tool, tapes etc.

Radio Brand: Seicane Android Car Radio Navigation System

Precautions: Must cut off the car power before the job.

The original radio system










Step 1, Use screwdrivers or pry tools to open the panel, then gently pull it out with hands, and unplug the connector.

s1-1 s1-2 s1-3























Step 2, Remove the buttons and other accessories of the panel.









Step 3, Remove the frame accessories of the original car radio.















Step 4, Take out the original radio unit, and unplug its connectors.

s4-1 s4-2















Step 5, Pull out the radio fixing frame.









Step 6, Check whether the accessories of the new Seicane car radio system are complete.












Step 7, Correspondingly connect the cables of the new car radio navigation system to the car.









Step 8, After connecting the cables, turn on the car to test whether the new radio system is working normally.









Step 9, If there is no problem, install the buttons and other accessories of the old panel to the new car radio.









Step 10, Fix the new car radio system in the central control to complete the installation process.










After finishing the installation



Keep better drive with the Seicane car radio navigation system

There are huge differences between the factory radio and Seicane car radio system. Firstly, the Seicane radio system is made of 9 Inch IPS touchscreen, so users can have an eye-friendly viewing angle when enjoy videos and use navigation, as well as operate the product just with fingertip touch.

Secondly, since it supports Carplay, by using the Carplay USB dongle to connect phones to the radio unit, users can easily and freely play the phone applications such as calls, musics, videos etc.

Thirdly, while supporting a variety of entertainment functions, Seicane Android car radio system also provides users with safety assistance. For example, by adding the rear view camera, the radio unit will automatically switch to the parking image while reversing, thus helps driver reverse the car easier. On the other hand, it also supports DVR, and with this application, it records the accident process and provide factual evidence.

There are more features and functions that Seicane car radio can offer, you can get more information on its official website.