For 2006-2011 Honda Civic (LHD): The Detailed Guide of Installing A Seicane Car Radio Navigation System

5 years ago, our family got the first car – a 2008 Honda Civic (LHD). Since then, we spent lots of wonderful time with the car, for picnics, for road trips, for campings etc. As we are still unable to afford the second brand new car now, we hope this car would last at least seven years. Apart from maintaining the car regularly, we also upgraded some parts to improve entertainment and safety as my family love self-driving trips.

Actually, my wife complained many times that the factory radio was too old to play, its functions are so simple and can’t meet our needs. She really hopes there would be a large size touchscreen and multifunctional car stereo, because with the big screen, she can use the navigation to drive easier as she hates to look at the navigation on the small phone screen. So last month, we determined to replace the factory radio.

After doing some researches, we finally purchased a Seicane car navigation stereo system for our car, and installed it by ourselves. Here you will get the steps to replace the factory radio.

Steps on installing the 2006-2011 Honda Civic (LHD) Seicane car stereo

Below picture is the original stereo of my car. This DIY replacement is not so difficult, prepare tools including plastic pry tool and screwdriver, and cut off the car power before working.







#1 Use the plastic pry tool to pry the small board under the radio system, and remove the two eight millimeter bolts of the plastic trim.





#2 Carefully pull out the panel under the steering wheel.





#3 Remove the screws that fixed the whole top panel, then pull out the whole top panel and unplug its connector.





#4 Pull out the original radio unit and unplug all the connectors.





#5 Check the cable accessories of the new Seicane car radio GPS system.






#6 Remove the HVAC control board, air outlet and related accessories of the old radio panel, and install them to the new car navigation radio.





#7 Remove these white and black small chips of the original head unit, then install them on the new radio unit.





#8 Correspondingly connect cables between new car radio navigation system and the car.





#9 Turn on the car to test whether the new car radio unit functions normally.







#10 If there is no problem, fix the new radio in the dashboard, and install all the panel accessories in their original positions.







Introduction of Seicane car radio navigation system

This for 2006-2011 Honda Civic (LHD) Seicane car radio includes plenty of features and functions.

It’s made of the 10.1 inch IPS touchscreen that not only provides large viewing angle but won’t cause light reflecting and watermarks when operating. The IPS screen also comes with characteristics of smooth touch and fast response, as well as looking exquisite. What’s more, with navigation information showed on this large display, my wife never gets lost.

Considering my wife often has difficulties in parking and reversing, I added a wireless backup camera to this unit. Hence when reversing, the unit will automatically switch to rear view images, then my wife would park the car easier.

We know that road trips are excited, but actually get tired easily during a long drive, in this situation, the Seicane car radio system allows us to enjoy various beautiful music and interesting videos. Since it supports Carplay, then we can freely use the smartphone applications on its big display too, keeping us in good mood!








Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Factory Car Stereo

Nowadays, many cars are becoming more and more high-end. For example, some previous cars were only equipped with standard radios in the dashboard, but now lots of new cars come with large touch screen multifunctional stereos. So more and more drivers tend to change their factory radios.

Here are top 5 reasons you should upgrade the standard radios, let’s check what they are.

1. More convenient for navigation

On one hand, using phone navigation is not so comfortable since its screen is too small to see clearly; On the other hand, the standard radio does not have the ability to support GPS navigation. However, the aftermarket car stereos do the job perfectly. The GPS navigation function in Seicane car stereo system is used the latest technology, not only show 3D navigation information in the big IPS touch screen, but the data is more accurate and updated in time.


2. Listening to music with quality sound

In the past, the radio used to play tapes and CDs, while songs included in tapes and CDs were limited. But if you upgrade a new car stereo and connect it to the Internet, not only can you listen to music with countless songs in different languages, but can enjoy a high quality sound effect as some of car stereo are built with RDS and DSP. If you are fond of broadcast, there are also more FM/AM radio channels you can choose compared to the standard stereo.

3. Improve driving safety

All we have encountered such situation that there is a phone call when we drive on the road. How dangerous it would be if you let go of the steering wheel to pick up the phone to answer. The fact is using the Bluetooth hands-free call in car stereo greatly improve driving safety and you won’t miss any call wherever you drive.

Furthermore, thanks to the backup camera or 360° camera adding to the car audio system, drivers are able to know situations in the back of the car when reversing, thus help them reverse and park easier.


4. Get more entertainment

At the beginning, you are immersed in the excitement of road trips. Few days after driving, your mood comes down because you feel so tired and bored. Who can bear to keep driving for a long time? But if you don’t want to listen to music in car radio, what else can you do? Seicane android car stereo with Carplay will tell you that you should watch some videos and surf the Internet for joy. With Carplay/Android Auto function, you can synchronizes your mobile phone with the stereo to use the smartphone’s applications freely.

5. Because it’s awesome

Maybe your car looks nice and it’s tidy inside, but your car audio is of poor quality, which reduces the value of the car. It’s time to replace an awesome car stereo, which will be touch screen with fast response and smooth operation, with exquisite and user-friendly user interface, more special features and functions than you image.