Correct Usage for Subaru Outback GPS Navigation System


Subaru Outback GPS Navigation System

Subaru Outback GPS Navigation System

It’s a Subaru Outback GPS navigation system with many amazing functions, such as, radio, USB, SD, IPod, TV, CD and so on. More on:


This unit has 7 inch touch screen and Wince 6.0 operation system. Its dual zone function supports GPS system and entertainment functions work at the same time. It supports car speed DVR, TMC and rearview camera.


It supports 3G and WIFI network with big keyboard. You can search on net at any time. It supports DVD function with format DVD/DVD-R/DVD±RW/HDCD/CD-R/CD±RW/MP3/MP4/Picture CD/VCD/WMA. You can record videos by this function, too.


It support USB and SD card for GPS system and entertainment functions. You can listen to songs, watch videos and see pictures by this function.


If you have a head unit as good as this Subaru Outback GPS navigation system, you must like it very much. Good car stereo helps a lot to drivers during driving. But if we don’t use it well, it will break down soon. In order to keep your head unit working well for you, you’d better use it correctly.


It would be confused that what is correct usage to a car stereo. Do you know that at the first three times you use the head unit, you’d better recharge the battery for 10 hours per time? This can make battery work for a long time for you in the future. If you only recharge the battery for 2 hours at the first several times you use the head unit, this may be wrong usage to your car stereo.


Do you use your car stereo for a long time if you are in a long journey? This would be a wrong usage to your car stereo, too. As an electronic product, long time working would shorten its lifespan. You should leave it to rest every several hours.


Do you turn off the unit with the functions still working on? The correct steps to turn off a car stereo would be close all the windows in the unit, then, turn off the unit. Do you shut off the power supply suddenly with the head unit working? This brings damage to your head unit. You should keep the unit working under stabilized power supply.


Now you find that, you had done something which would bring bad effect to your head unit in the past. You may not do those things on purpose. You just don’t know the things you should not do.


Subaru Outback GPS Navigation System

Subaru Outback GPS Navigation System

It would be ok if you correct the errors in the future. Actually, there are more things you should pay attention to during usage.


You cannot use strong chemicals or detergent to wash the unit. This may corrode the machine. You should keep the machine away from radioactive or magnetic equipment. Or the machine will be disturbed.


Please keep it away from the extremely hot place. Please keep it dry. The rain, moisture and other kinds of liquid may contain mineral substance, which will corrode the electronic circuits. Moisture will ruin the components, cause irreparable damage. Please don’t use or put the unit in the dusty place.


Please don’t throw, knock or shock it forcibly. Keep all the parts, accessories of the car entertainment and navigation system away from the children. Keep away from radioactive or magnetic equipment when using the machine. When cleaning the unit, use a soft and clean cloth to wipe the screen. When operate the unit, please use a touch pen, and avoid sharp objects.


It seems complicated, but it’s easy to do. Wish you use your car stereo correctly and keep it working for you for a long time. More about the Subaru Outback GPS navigation system at the beginning is on website, you are welcome to know more: