Buy In Dash Car DVD Players with GPS Touch Screen Bluetooth IPod from Seicane Online Market

Searching online for a suitable in dash car DVD for your car may cost you lots of time. You have to consider the functions, the model and the brands of those car DVDs. And, the price is also one of the considerations.

But, I would like to tell you that there are more factors should be considered than you have. Like what? You may curious. Let me show you by taking Seicane online market for example.

BMW M3 in dash car DVD

BMW M3 in dash car DVD

Seicane electronic limited is an online car stereo merchant, which provide hundreds of car DVD players of different types. You can put in your vehicle model with the functions you want to search for the car DVDs which are fit to your car. If you find one, click the link into the product page, then, you will know the things you didn’t notice that you should know before you buy a car DVD.

Here we go, now we are in the product page, on the left of it, you will see the pictures of this product. You can compare it to your car to see whether it fits to your car. If you are not sure, don’t worry, there’s data for you on the right of the page.

From the top to the bottom of the right side of the page, there is model name, current price, options, buying guide column and the year column. You can match the produce year of your car with the year column, then, you will know whether this product fits to your car.

Keep rolling down the screen of the product page, there is a video to show you how to use this unit. And, under the video, there are detailed key features of this good. You may find out what kind of functions this product supports. At the bottom of the whole page, reference parameters are providing, and also the accessories.

That’s not the end. Actually, the most useful information of this page is not only the key features of this product, but also the buying guide column. There are six sections in it, buying guide, video, installation, questions and answers, user manual and the return policy.

You have considered the functions, the model and the price. What’s more, you should know the buying guide and return policy as well. The return policy includes the information of warranty. This is one of the most important things for a product after buying.

So, you know what to do before choosing a car DVD, take Seicane for example, and wish you enjoy your shopping. More information for BMW M3 in dash car DVD player can be found on:

A Good Android BMW E90 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 In Dash Car DVD with GPS navigation system WIFI Radio Bluetooth

Never think it too late to do something, even choosing a new in dash car DVD player for your car. You may be a good driver or car owner for years. However, have you been a good friend with your car stereo? Car stereo is just like a friend to you, no matter when you’re driving, or relaxing in car, it’s always there for you. You can turn on the radio, turn the GPS if it has this function, play discs, so that you can enjoy every second in your car.

As a car stereo plays such an important role in your driving time, you have to choose it cautiously. The one with the latest technology would be good, but it may be expensive in most situations. If you are headache about this, let me try to help. How about this in dash car DVD player for BMW E90 3 series?

BMW E90 in dash car DVD

BMW E90 in dash car DVD

Let’s check out the reference parameters first,

Critical parameter

Working voltage

DC 10-14.6V

Working current


Standby current


POWER OFF current


Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


System parameters

Operation system

Android 4.0.4

Support map

Tomtom IGO Route 66 Papago etc

Video system

automatic PAL/NTSC

When using this car DVD player, please according to the critical parameter. If not, it may bring irretrievable damage to the unit. Actually, that nearly never happens. Following are the key features in this car DVD.

  • 6.2 inch 16:9 800*480 digital High Definition TFT LCD touch screen
  • Use Super Cortex A10 1.0GHz High Speed Dual-Core processor
  • Containing An Internal Memory up to 512MB and DDR3 RAM and 4GB Nand-Flash Rom
  • Support Wireless Wifi Net work Connection and 3G Internet Function.
  • Built-in GPS navigation system
  • Disc Play. Compatible with DIVX/DVD/DVD-RS/DVD+RS/DVD-RW/VCD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/MP5/WMA/AVI etc
  • Build in Bluetooth for hand free(Coming Tel No. display function & Call out directly by touch screen)
  • Build in Bluetooth music. Play music in your phone via Bluetooth. Support A2DP
  • Built in analog TV. Built in Digital TV(DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T) as options
  • Support AUX In
  • Support Rearview Camera. Automatically switch to rear camera and display rear image in the screen when reverse the car
  • IPOD Support. Charging and playing Ipod in the meanwhile
  • USB and SD port. Support MP3/MP4/JPEG/WMA/DVD/CD/VCD/DIVX/MPEG etc
  • Dual zone function support. Navigating and Enjoying music at the same time

What a good friend should be? Be there whenever you need, gives you happiness, and share the time you are together. I think this in dash car DVD for BMW E90 would be a good friend to you, how about your opinion?

More to know on website:

Functions with Options for BMW E81 2004-2012 In Dash Car DVD Player with 3G WIFI Radio GPS

Most of the car owners misunderstand that a car DVD with many functions can play all the functions in their cars once they have this unit. You may also be confused too. You may think that your BMW E81 in dash car DVD player with GPS function should navigate the car as long as it is installed in the car, but why it can’t work? Let me give an example.

BMW E81 in dash car DVD

BMW E81 in dash car DVD

Suppose that you have a remote controller, this tool can remote control TV to make reactions. However, it can’t work as you get it. What’s wrong with the unit? Actually, nothing’s wrong with it, check that whether you have put a battery into the remote controller. If not, it can’t work.

It’s the same with an in dash car DVD. You set up everything, but the GPS function can’t work, do you have a map with this function? If not, of course it can’t work. GPS navigation system is a function which should work with a map, and the map is always an option with the unit. If you want to use this function, please order one with this unit.

There are some other functions should work with optional accessories. The rearview camera function would be one of them. Many cars are with this function now, it helps drivers a lot when reversing the car, and reduce the probability of accidents. So, many car owners will choose a car DVD player with this function when they upgrade their car stereos.

However, pay attention that this function is without camera when buying this car DVD. You can choose one with it, or you can buy a rearview camera in other places. But to remind you that please choose one can work with this unit if you buy the camera elsewhere.

Another useful function should be chosen with your car DVD would be the Digital TV function. You should know which digital TV standard your country is using before you choose this function with your car DVD. There are 3 mainly digital TV standards in the world:

  1. DVB-T: Mainly apply in Europe, Australia, India, etc.
  2.  ATSC: Mainly apply in the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea, etc.
  3. ISDB: Mainly apply in Japan, Brazil, Peru and some other South American countries.

Make sure you can use all the functions you want of an in dash car DVD before you buy one, if you are not clear with the product and functions, ask the customer service for sure. More information of BMW E81 in dash car DVD player can be found on:

Classification and the purchase tips of Car DVD Player GPS Navigation

GPS navigation is the outcome of modern science and technology, which mostly used with cars. It’s applied to positioning location, navigate and entertainment. With car’s popularity growing and the construction of roads, the economic ties between courtiers is becoming more and more frequency. Thus, the car DVD player navigation is become more important. The function of accurate positioning, navigate and entertainment can fully meet people’s needs and become the basic equipment of the car. Now, let me introduce the classification and purchase tips of GPS navigation.

According to the usage mode

1. Car DVD navigation system.

This device can be installed in the automotive center stack, usually it comes with the car when ship out. But because of the price issue, more and more people choose to buy the device and install it by themselves. Because of the built-in characteristic and specialized design, so the one-all performance of the interior decoration is very good. But there is still some advantages, inconvenience installation, hard to carry and the price is a little high.

2. Portable navigation system

The appearance of this device is no different from the ordinary MP4. It makes up the disadvantage of the car DVD navigation system. The highly flexibility configuration has been improved, usually it adsorption on the windscreen by a bracket sucker. It’s very convenience for the map upgrade and information update. Generally, this device has built-in battery, but because of the highly power consumption of the GPS mode, cost control and long time no battery backup, this device do not have the ability of service for longer length. Usually, its battery will be used up within 2 hours and depend on the car cigarette lighter for power. The domestic common brands are Newman, Garmin, ONDA, and Zenlane.

3. Handheld navigator

This kind of navigator has various appearances just like instrument, and have highly requirement of GPS positioning accuracy. Therefore, it more fit for professional area or GPS fans. The price is from several thousands to several ten thousands. Car DVD navigation system and Portable navigation system can fully meet our daily demands, this kind has no practical meaning for our life. The common domestic brands are Garmin, Magellan.

According to the functions

1. Only map GPS function.

This is the most classic GPS navigation, only have map navigation function. But because of consumers’ daily increase needs, this kind of navigation is on the decrease.

This is the most classic GPS navigation, only have map navigation function. But because of consumers’ daily increase needs, this kind of navigation is on the decrease.

2. Map navigation with certain location warning

Expect the map navigation function, it also has the certain location warning function. It uses the GPS positioning mode to enforce the certain location warning function. Through the integration related cross-platform to integrate software. It connect different manufacture’s fixed information database to take pictures and calculate the speed. At present, the domestic cross-platform integration software is the DSA of Zenlane.

3. Map navigation with certain location warning and floating speed measurement

Floating speed measurement is relative to fixed point measurement. The measurement device can flow, such as the police’ speed Radar gun, speed car and the removable Radar speed traps. For the fixed point measurement, we can transfer the fixed information to each manufacture by labor collecting coordinate. However, the floating speed measurement can not realized by this method. Flow velocity is integrated with module to launch the various flow velocities measuring instrument to the detection of radar wave. Apparently, the GPS navigation don’t have integrated radar module. Therefore, we need another way to increase the floating speed measurement for GPS___equip the GPS with speed measuring radar. In the market, there are various kinds of speed measuring radar, take the Zenlane X7 example. We connect the Zenlane X7 with the GPS navigation, and then integrate it through DSA software and add the floating speed measurement, then the work be done.

Purchase tips

1. Find out what generation the satellite receiving chips is.

This is the important components that determine the GPS’s accuracy and speed. Choose the backward chip means you need to wait for the GPS to tell you the right direction when facing cross, then you can drive away. If you drive at normal speed, you have to return to the original circuit to fix the drive path from time to time. Generally, the dealer won’t tell you the performance of the chips when you purchase the GPS.

2. Look at the map upgrade speed. With the fast speed of construction and development, if the manufacture can not offer you the latest update service, your GPS can not be very useful. Of course, the seller won’t tell you this point.

3. Find out the free charge map update time length. Generally, some informal manufacture use cracked map and don’t provide you update service. Some manufactures use original map but also don’t offer you the update service. But those who use original map and offer update service, they need extra money for your update service. Therefore, when choose the right GPS navigation system, you need to pay attention to the hardware and the software at the same time. Otherwise, the device won’t services you well just as trash.

Click : , you will find how amazing it is.

System Setting Operation Instructions for Mercedes Benz Smart In Dash Car DVD Player

We always don’t know what to do with something new to us, such as a new in dash car DVD player for your car. If you are facing this question, I would like to help in some way. This text is for you in case that you don’t have your operation instruction beside you.


Since each adjustment in parameters in the system setting affects the work mode, I suggest users be careful with changing parameters to avoid inconvenience. Of course, you can press the reset key to clear all the information you set if you meet abnormality during using. Read the information below, and learn each key and their functions.

Mercedes Benz Smart In Dash Car DVD Player

Mercedes Benz Smart In Dash Car DVD Player

Interface introduction

⑴ Return to the main interface

⑵ Navigation monitor switch

Open: When there’s navigation warning tone, the front horn makes navigation sound, and the back horn makes background sound.

Close: When there is navigation warning tone, the front and the back horn both make navigation sound, when the warning tone ends, the front and the back horn both make current mode sound.

⑶ RDS switch

⑷ Key tone switch

⑸ Brake switch

Open: The brake wire must be connected if you watch video in DVD/TV/AUX mode during driving.

Close: When you are watching video during driving.

⑹ Minute moves upward.

⑺ Minute moves downward.

⑻ Hour moves upward.

⑼ Hour moves downward.

Mercedes Benz Smart In Dash Car DVD Player

Mercedes Benz Smart In Dash Car DVD Player

Interface Introduction

⑴ Return to the main interface

⑵ Listening location moves left

⑶ Listening location moves ahead

⑷ Listening location moves right

⑸ Listening location moves back

⑹ Low pitch moves upward

⑺ Low pitch moves downward

⑻ High pitch moves upward

⑼ High pitch moves downward

⑽ Loudness switch

⑾ Users setting

⑿ Classic

⒀ Jazz

⒁ Rock

⒂ Popular

Mercedes Benz Smart In Dash Car DVD Player

Mercedes Benz Smart In Dash Car DVD Player

Interface introduction

⑴ Return to the main interface

⑵ Mildness setting

⑶ Brightness setting

⑷ Users setting

⑸ Standard setting

⑹ Increases brightness

⑺ Decreases brightness

⑻ Increases color

⑼ Decreases color

⑽ Increases contrast

⑾ Decreases contrast


I think you must know all the key functions now, be careful to set but don’t be too worry. It’s easier than you think, try several times, and you will use it smoothly. If you really meet a question, ask a professional for help, or just call the merchant’s hotline can help, too.


Hope you enjoy your new in dash car DVD player, more to know on website: