Frequent Asked Questions of TV Dual Zone Radio GPS for In Dash Car DVD GPS- Take BMW E93 3 Series from Seicane for Example

As customers, we always curious about the product we are going to buy, especially for the expensive products. And today, more and more customers purchase online, we not only care about the price, but also care about the quality and details of a product. Because we cannot watch the product face to face, we cannot feel it by our hands, we always want to ask the merchant how is the product, what kind of functions it has, what can it do for me and so on. If you are looking for an in dash car DVD GPS online, you’d better do that. And, most of the car DVD buyers asked online before they order a car DVD.


I would like to show you what kind of questions the car DVD customers asked often, following are the FAQs of BMW 3 series E93 from Seicane online market.


BMW E93 in dash car DVD GPS

BMW E93 in dash car DVD GPS

First question is about TV. Customers always asked whether the TV is analog TV or Digital TV in this car DVD. Actually, most of the car DVD players in Seicane online market have built-in analog TV. If you want a built-in Digital TV, please select DVB-T, or ATSC-MH, or I-SDB-T according to the country you are in when place order.


Second question is about Dual Zone function. Customers ask this question because they don’t understand it in some ways. In fact, Dual zone function is easy to understand, with it in your car DVD GPS, you can listen to music when using the GPS navigation system.


The third question would be about the radio function. Though radio function is not a new thing to us, but different radios may support different radio frequency. This BMW in dash car DVD GPS supports AM/FM/RDS.


The questions asked a lot by customers would be about GPS function, like why GPS cannot locate, does car DVD player comes with navigation map. If GPS cannot locate, check the GPS antenna to see whether it’s plugged. If not, please insert it. Navigation map is optional, if you select one, the merchant will send SD card of your region with the car DVD player.


You see how helpful the FAQs are, if you have any questions, you can ask online before you buy car DVD, especially for in dash car DVD GPS. You may care about the installation, warranty and so on.


If you are willing to know more, here’s the link of BMW 3 series E93 in dash car DVD GPS from Seicane, feel free to know more:

In Dash Car DVD for BMW 5 Series E63 2003-2010 with Functions Like GPS IPod Bluetooth TV Audio Video

Car DVD fans know that there are two kinds of in dash car DVD in the market, the vehicle-specific car DVD and the universal car DVD. It’s easy to understand that vehicle-specific car DVD is designed for a particular model, and the universal car DVD is for any vehicle make and model.


If you have BMW 5 series E63, and you want to replace your old car stereo for a new in dash car DVD, you can choose the vehicle-special one or the universal one. Many car owners will choose the first one, because it can fit to their cars perfectly. Even you can’t tell whether it is not the original car stereo after it is installed.


But some of the car owners are prefer to the latter one, for the reason that it’s easier to install than the vehicle-specific car DVD. It is true. However, once you choose the universal one, please check you the player position height of your car. There are may be two sizes, 50mm and 100mm. Once you’re sure about this, then you can choose a suitable universal car DVD for your car.


But I would like to tell you that though the installation of vehicle-specific in dash car DVD would be a little complicated, but it’s not that difficult. Many vehicle-specific car DVDs are easy to be installed now, and I would like to introduce one for you.


BMW 5 Series E63 in dash car DVD (2003-2010)


BMW 5 series E63 in dash car DVD

BMW 5 series E63 in dash car DVD

It’s a car DVD special for BMW 5 series E63 from year 2003-2010, you don’t need to cut your original power cable, it’s plug and play. Here are some key functions for you, check out to see whether it can fulfill your need.


It keeps your original car’s CD and radio function, but without DVD function.

It has 8.0 inch screen. (the original car CD has two sizes: 6.5 inch and 8.8 inch, you should select car screen size when place order because of the software differences of the two sizes)

It adopts the latest 800MHZ ARM 11 processor to develop high performance multimedia car DVD with the functions of GPS navigation.

With audio and video

Supports HD video with 1080p

Equipped with specialized CAN BUS box

OSD menu have 12 languages for choice:English German French Spanish Turkey Norwegian Italian Greek Russian Indonesian Lithianian Latvian.


With such a great car DVD, you must want to go for a drive everyday, why not search on website to know more?

How to Buy a Car DVD GPS with IPod Bluetooth Radio Online

Search online for goods is easy for us. But, not every product is easy to purchase online, especially for car DVD GPS. If you want to buy a car DVD GPS from net, you’d better pay more time and attention on it.


Before we buy car DVDs from online shops, we should know about the merchants. There are two kinds of them, one is specialized in car DVDs, the other one is marketing for everything, including car DVD. No matter in which shop, you can find a good car DVD. But they may be different in prices or in after sales customer service.


Since you want to buy car DVDs from one of the online markets, you’d better know about the market before. A good online market offers you the latest products with details, includes the price, the functions and the advice for installation. More information may be provided, that depends on the merchants.


After you choose a merchant you like, then check the products in it. A car DVD GPS should have some basic functions, such as the disc play function and radio function. But you may not just want to buy a new car DVD GPS for your car with the basic functions, which are already in your original car stereo. Find new car DVDs with the functions you like, like GPS, TV, IPod, Bluetooth and so on. Then, compare them with the prices and choose the one you can afford.


One more thing before you order the product, check the after sales service in the online market, includes the warranty period, the return policy and the refund. This will be very important. A good merchant will tell customers these items clearly, and guarantees customer’s benefit. If you find this information easily and clearly, then, you can order your favorite car DVD GPS.


If you don’t want to spend time online for long to search for a suitable car DVD, I would like to recommend one to you. Here’s the information.




BMW 5 Series E60 GPS navigation with Radio Bluetooth IPod


It adopts the latest 800MHZ ARM11 processor to develop high performance multimedia car DVD with the functions of GPS navigation, audio & video, entertainment and etc.

Supports HD Video with 1080P (Built-in IC: TW8825), with MP5.

256MB RAM. Supports external 500 GB Hard Disk Drive.

Supports Sanyo 6 disc DVD changer (optional)

Built-in GPS navigation system. Supports 3D GPS map

Supports original car reverse track (can’t support if original car don’t have)

Equipped with specialized Can bus box


Wish you like this car DVD, more to know on website:

My Journey, My Friend and My In Dash Car DVD GPS with Bluetooth TV IPod for BMW E92

Once I went on a journey with my friend, and I saw her came with her phone, IPAD and IPod. Do you know what’s more? She said she wanted to bring a small amplifier with her, too. Thank God, she hadn’t. And the reason that she didn’t bring it was she thought my car was too small for her electronics.


All I wanted to say is “Oh! My God”, but I didn’t. Then, we set out. I turned on my in dash car DVD to search the destination by navigation system. At the same time, the car DVD was playing music by Bluetooth function which connected to my phone. The point was the song, it’s from one of my favorite singers.


My friend put away her electronics and concentrated on me and my car DVD. I knew that she had a disagreement about my favorite singer and her songs for a long time. I was wondering she would ask me to turn of the music, but at that moment, she unexpectedly said that song was the best song she had heard ever.


It was the second time I wanted to say “Oh! My God”, but I didn’t. The next half an hour, my friend turned her whole attention on my car DVD. She clicked every button to see what would happen so that I wanted to hit her for many times, but I was driving and I couldn’t.


What happened next would be she asked lots of questions about my car DVD and fell in love with it. Finally, “Oh! My God” came out of my mouth.


It’s funny to have such a friend and such a thing happened. All I want to say is, once you have time to go for a journey with your friend, and your friend happens to love the things you like would be a delighted thing.


Of course I recommend my in dash car DVD to my friend at last, it’s good to share things you like, if you’re interested in car DVD, here’s information for you, too. Wish you also have a good time with your friend and your car stereo.


Android 4.0 in dash Car DVD player GPS Navigation System for BMW E92 3 Series 2005-2012


BMW E91 in dash car DVD GPS

BMW E91 in dash car DVD GPS

6.2 inch 16:9 800*480 digital High Definition TFT LCD touch screen

Use Super Cortex A10 1.0GHz High Speed Dual-Core processor

Containing An Internal Memory up to 512MB and DDR3 RAM and 4GB Nand-Flash Rom

Android 4.0 operation system.More Convenient.More Stable

Support Wireless Wifi Net work Connection and 3G Internet Function.

Built-in GPS navigation system


More to know:

Let Car DVD GPS be with the World Cup – Take BMW E88 for Example

You will never put a car DVD GPS with the World Cup together before you see this title. Now, you see this title, what kind of information will come to your mind? Listen to the radio about the World Cup? Use the navigation system to go to the playing field? Play the theme song of the World Cup in your car DVD the whole day?


You are right. These are factors that I connect them together, but, they are not the key factor. Think again when will be the most exciting moment during the World Cup? It’s definitely the score goal moment. Every fan around the world will jump up and screaming for the team, it’s just like nothing better than that in the world ever and forever.


Since the score goal moment so important during the World Cup, you must want to watch the game in live broadcast. However, it’s not that lucky for everyone to watch the game on time. You have to work, go on a business trip or something else that keeps you away from home. Especially, when you have to spend you day outside only with your car, you are not able to watch the World Cup.


But this will change if your car has a car DVD GPS that has TV functions. If you care about car DVD, you must know now that most of car DVDs has built in analog TV, and built in Digital TV as option. That means, if your car DVD has TV function, you can watch the World Cup wherever you want.


Can you imagine that when you are outside and no way to get a TV to watch the game, but you don’t have to hurry back home because you have a car DVD which can watch the game. What a sweet entertainment unit!


Let’s take BMW E88 car DVD GPS for an example and know more about car DVD. This car DVD has built in analog TV which can watch TV directly. The optional TV – Digital TV, should be chosen when you buy the car DVD, and it should also work with the Set Top Box.


BMW E88 - car DVD GPS

BMW E88 – car DVD GPS

The Digital TV function provides you high quality of image and tone, which makes you feel like the field audiences, excited and also excited. And other functions, like the radio function, Bluetooth function and GPS function, are also helpful.


You may say you can use your IPAD or IPhone to watch the game, but you have an omnipotent car DVD, why do you bring so much electronics with your? I’m just kidding, but, it’s really a good choice to watch the World Cup in your car DVD GPS when you are needed.


More to know on website:

How to choose an Aftermarket In Dash Car DVD GPS for BMW X1 E84 2012 2013 with DVD Radio CANBUS IPod TV

BMW - in dash car DVD GPS

BMW X1 E84 – in dash car DVD GPS

A car DVD to a car is just like a TV to a house. A house without TV (or computer) would be bored by people who live in it. It’s the same that a car without car stereo will make drivers or passengers feel boring. So, every car comes with an original car stereo which supports radio and disc play functions. However, original car stereo is not welcome by car owners now. They want to upgrade a new car DVD like in dash car DVD GPS for their car. For the reason that, car DVD has many great functions, like GPS TV IPod Bluetooth and so on.


If I’m a car owner, I would like to collect the latest information about car DVD for my car half a year. It’s ok to do this two times in a year, because car DVD is not a disposable product, you don’t need to upgrade it too often. But, car DVD is one of the electronic products, it upgrades fast. If you want to follow the fashion, you can upgrade it one or two times in a year.


Since you want to upgrade your car stereo (or maybe two times in a year), it maybe a little difficult for you to choose a suitable one for your car. Actually, there are tactics to choose car DVDs.


  1. Choose a car DVD from a regular store. A regular store would provide customer all the things that are needed in the trade, like the invoice, quality guarantee and after-sales services.
  2. Choose a car DVD fit for your car model. A car DVD which is not design in your car model cannot install into your car, so check the detailed information of a car DVD before you buy it.
  3. Choose a car DVD can fulfill your need. What kind of functions do you want? What do you want the unit do for you? How much can you pay for it? if you want a car DVD with GPS, at the same time, it can play music when navigating, you have to choose a car DVD with the dual zone function.


There are still many other things should be paid attention to when choosing a car DVD player, but the three advices mentioned above should be noticed first. If you are still confused with this, here’s an example for you.

Please refer to the product page, then, you will find all the information mentioned above in it. What’s more, maybe you can find the in dash car DVD GPS fits to your car, feel free to click:

Troubleshooting Information for Android BMW E91 Car DVD GPS with 3G WIFI Bluetooth Radio

It may happen for times that your car DVD GPS player encounters problems and you don’t know how to deal with it. If your car DVD uses Android system, I think I can help in some way. Take BMW E91 car DVD for example, I would like to list the problems and tell you what to do. I hope it helps.


Fault condition 1: product cannot be powered on.


  1. Check whether output cable is correctly connected.
  2. Check whether built-in CANBUS is reversed.
  3. Check whether the key is against any foreign body.
  4. Check whether the fuse is fused.


Fault condition 2: product cannot play disc.


  1. Check whether protective screw on the top of movement is removed.
  2. Check whether the disc is rightly placed.
  3. Check whether the disc is integrity.


Fault condition 3: no picture is displayed.


  1. Check whether brake cable and car reversing cable are correctly connected.
  2. Check whether discs are DVD/VCD/MP4.
  3. Check whether picture brightness/contrast is set rightly.
  4. Check whether format is set rightly when it’s at TV mode.


Fault condition 4: no sound is heard.


  1. Check whether the horn cable is correctly connected.
  2. Check whether the horn cable is short out with power supply or machine shell.
  3. Check whether the volume is at minimum.
  4. Check whether is in MUTE mode.
  5. Check whether sound format is set rightly if it’s at TV mode.


Fault condition 5: touch is useless/touch deviates.


  1. Check whether the panel is against any foreign body.
  2. Check whether it’s reversing or braking.
  3. Check whether it’s in MUTE mode.
  4. Re-correct touch: after disc ejection in the DVD mode, press STOP and right→left→up→down in turn, the calibration curs or appears, then, press OK following the cursor.


Fault condition 6: remote controller is useless.


  1. Check whether the separator is pulled.
  2. Check whether the battery is effective.
  3. Operate in alignment with remote control receiver.


Fault condition 7: there’s no TV signal or weak signal


  1. Check whether the TV antenna is at right location
  2. Check whether local signal is strong enough.
  3. Check whether DTV system is properly set.


Fault condition 8: navigation cannot function.


  1. Check whether your product has GPS navigation function.
  2. Check whether map routes are correctly set.
  3. Check whether GPS antenna is correctly connected.


If these answers still cannot solve your problems, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for help. Wish you enjoy your car DVD GPS during driving, more information can be know on website:

Android In Dash Car DVD with GPS 3G WIFI Radio Bluetooth for BMW E82 1 Series 2004-2012

Android in dash car DVD are welcome by most of the car owners for the reason that it supports more software applications than Wince system. Since there are more and more functions are developed and adopted by car owners, an android in dash car DVD does in its prime time now.


If you are looking for a car DVD with great functions but you don’t have much time to do so. I would like to recommend one for you. It’s a car DVD for BMW E82 1 series 2004-2012. The following form helps you to know the functions clearly.

BMW E82 in dash car DVD

BMW E82 in dash car DVD


Android 4.0 Car DVD player GPS Navigation System for BMW E82 1 Series (2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012) Coupe (manual air conditioner heated seat)
DVD YES USB/SD YES Bluetooth YES Rearview YES Camera OPT 3G Net YES


Except for the Digital TV and camera, other functions are included. The most useful one to drivers would be the GPS function, but pay attention to the map. It’s optional with the unit. You can choose one or you can get the map from other places.


This in dash car DVD combines with the original car perfectly. You don’t need to cut your original power cable, it’s easy to install. It can also keep your steering wheel control work as original. So, don’t worry about the upgrade.


Some references should be noticed, Make sure it works in an appropriate environment.


Critical parameter

Working voltage

DC 10-14.6V

Working current


Standby current


POWER OFF current


Working Temperature


Storage Temperature



Here are more key features for you,


It has 7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital High Definition TFT LCD touch screen.

It uses Super Cortex A10 1.0GHz High Speed Dual-Core processor.

It contains an internal memory up to 512MB and DDR3 RAM and 4GB Nand-Flash Rom. It uses Android 4.0 operation system, and supports Wireless WIFI Net work Connection and 3G Internet function.

  • Disc Play. Compatible with DIVX/DVD/DVD-RS/DVD+RS/DVD-RW/VCD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/MP5/WMA/AVI etc
  • Radio function. High sensitive FM/AM tuner 30 stations restorable. Support RDS
  • Build in Bluetooth for hand free(Coming Tel No. display function & Call out directly by touch screen)
  • Build in Bluetooth music. Play music in your phone via Bluetooth. Supports A2DP
  • Supports AUX In


It has more functions that I won’t list anymore, if you’re interested in this in dash car DVD, you are welcome to search on website, wish you enjoy shopping:

In Dash Car DVD GPS Buttons Operation Instructions for BMW Series

Do you remember the first time you deal with your car stereo? You may want to work with your in dash car DVD GPS smoothly, but it cost you lots of time to figure out how to deal with the buttons on steering wheel or on the dashboard. If you are still confused with this problem and have no user manual beside you, you can check out the following information to see whether it can help.


I would like to show you the operation of 3 series of BMW in dash car DVD GPS buttons. First, it would be the BMW X1 button.


 BMW X1 button - in dash car DVD GPS

BMW X1 button – in dash car DVD GPS

  1. Original car’s information button
  2. Power off button
  3. One key navigation
  4. Previous or next of SD/USB, function selection of main menu
  5. Enter button
  6. Return button
  7. Display off

Remark: this button cannot control original CD player


Second, the BMW new 5 series original car button operation.


BMW new 5 series original car button - in dash car DVD GPS

BMW new 5 series original car button – in dash car DVD GPS

Tel: press this button can turn from original car menu to navigation menu; in navigation menu, this button can work as back confirm button.

Map: press this button back to navigation menu.

Knob: in navigation menu, can work as choose previous and next music; in main menu, can slide up and down work as mode choose.

Note: when slide to the mode you need, just press TEL button.


Third, BMW old 5 series original car operation


button - in dash car DVD GPS

BMW old 5 series button – in dash car DVD GPS

① long press this button on 3 to 5 seconds can turn from original car menu to navigation menu; in navigation menu, this button can work as back/confirm button.

② press this button back to navigation menu, and it will work as hang up the phone on the BT function.

③ in navigation menu, can work as choose previous and next music; in main menu, can work as slide up and down in mode choose.

④ answer button

Note: when slide to the mode you need, just press menu button.


It seems that different model of car has different button styles, but they are alike. And they are simple. Spend some time to remember every function of each button can help you a lot during driving. You don’t have to check them carefully but click the right one to the menu you want to go. But for safety, I suggest drivers don’t operate car DVD. You can ask others in the car to help you, or just stop your car to do it.


If you are interested in BMW series car DVD, here’s an in dash car DVD GPS for BMW 1 series F20, feel free to know more:

Good In Dash Car DVD with Bluetooth GPS TV Radio for BMW M5 1996-2003

BMW M5 in dash car DVD

BMW M5 in dash car DVD

If you search online for a long time to find a good in dash car DVD player for your car, you must know that hundreds of car DVD players are there for you to choose. And, the most impress thing of those car DVD players would not be the prices, but the functions.


You can tell ten key functions that a good car DVD should have now, like GPS navigation system, build-in analog TV, Bluetooth hand free function and so on. However, can you tell how that functions work?


You may think that you don’t need to know each function and how it works. You just need to know the key functions that you need and you will use. You’re right in a way. But, in fact, every function exists for a reason. Not any functions should be abandoned. Because you pay for something in a high price, why not use it as much as you can?


So, you should know GPS navigation system not only can show you your route, but also can tell you the information of hotel, scene spots, restaurants and other things around you; you should know Bluetooth function can set your hands free when there are phone calls during driving, and it can also play music by connecting to your mobile phone, which don’t need to put in a CD, DVD or SD with songs but can let you enjoy the songs you like.


Another function, the dual zone function, can navigate while playing music. If you were a fan of old fashion mobile phone, you may know that the old phone cannot play two functions at the same time. But now, nearly all mobile phones can play several functions concurrently. That’s how the dual zone function works.


You should know every function before you buy an in dash car DVD player, check the key features carefully, and compare goods together. Then, you can choose a good and suitable one for your car.


Take BMW M5 in dash car DVD on Seicane online market for example, check the picture with your car stereo, if they are matched, then, check the produce year and size for further confirm.


Make sure it fits to your car, then, goes to the key features of this car DVD. Check out every function carefully, for more information you can page down to see instruction pictures. The warranty and return policy should be noticed, too. They are in the middle of the page, under the price.


For more information, you can click this link, wish you buy a good in dash car DVD player for your car.