2010-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X Factory Audio System Upgrade Guide

A nice car audio system always helps a lot, especially on long journeys. The entertainment and driving assistant provided by the audio system make our drive fun and safe. If there haven’t such multifunctional audio in your car, you are advised to replace it as soon as possible.


Whether you are considering replacing the factory audio by yourself or asking professional service, checking this radio upgrade guide of 2010-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X will more or less help you. Let’s check it out.

Detailed steps to replace 2010-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X factory audio

Things to do before working on the audio system
1, Purchase a suitable car audio for the car. You can try the Seicane Android car audio with GPS which is easy to use and multifunctional.

2, Prepare handy tools such as plastic pry tools, screwdrivers in different sizes, tapes, knife etc.

3, There are different cable plugs in the audio system, so cut off the car power before working to ensure safety.

This is the original car audio system.


Step 1, Remove the trim panels on the two sides of the audio.


Step 2, Remove screws that fixed the car audio unit.


Step 3, Take down the audio and disconnect the plugs.


Step 4, Remove screws of the metal brackets that fixed the original main unit and the A/C button panel.


Step 5, Separate the main unit and the A/C button panel.


Step 6, Keep the A/C button panel and install it back to the dash.


Step 7, Tighten the screws.


Step 8, Connect Power Harness, RCA Cable and CAM Cable to the new audio.


Step 9, Correspondingly connect the new audio cables to the car plugs.


Step 10, Install the touchscreen audio to the dash.


Step 11, Install the trim panels back.


Step 12, Power on the car to test the new GPS audio system to see whether it functions normally.


The basic audio of 2010-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X may be easier to replace than other cars’. But in fact, whatever your car model is, you don’t need to worry anything, there are so many tutorials online can help you, no mention you can get to the Auto Parts Store to do that.

After installing an upgraded Android touchscreen radio, your driving experience will be greatly improved. In terms of entertainment for fun, you are given choices like enjoying some musics offline/online, watching videos/movies, listening to FM/AM/RDS radios, and connecting your phone to the audio since it’s phone integrated. As to keeping safer drive, you can add some external car cameras such as rear view camera, DVR to help you. Overall, you have better drive with a good car radio system.

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