2005-2014 VW Volkswagen Caddy Original Car Radio Removal Instruction

Remove an original radio in Volkswagen Caddy would be easy. The whole process may only take half an hour, but that’s to professional car stereo upgrade staffs. If you are a green hand and want to remove the unit yourself, you’d better ask a professional for help to make sure the removal is correct. The installation of the new unit should be paid more attention to than the old radio removal. You should refer to the installation guide from the dealer and connect the wires of the new Volkswagen Caddy radio stereo correctly. Or, the new unit cannot work well in your car.


The following are the removal steps for an original Volkswagen Caddy radio for your reference. Please apply the parking brake and remove the negative cable on the vehicle battery before the removal to ensure security. Please prepare tools for the removal, too. You may need a screwdriver, a lever and so on.


First, remove the trim panel which is covering the radio. As you see in the picture, insert the lever into the gaps between the trim panel and the dashboard and pry for several times. You should pry around the gaps until the trim panel is loosened. Then, take it off and keep it well.


Second, remove the radio. You can see 4 screws on the radio after removing the trim panel. Use a screwdriver to unscrew them and keep them in a box(you need to use them to fix the new unit). Then, use your hands to take the radio out of the dash gently. There are wires at the back of the radio. Disconnect them and put the radio aside.

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Now, you have removed the old Volkswagen Caddy radio successfully. Please take out the installation instruction for the new unit and connect it to the original wiring harness. The new unit may have GPS system, TV function and radio function. You should install their antennas correctly, too.


After connected, slide the new unit into the dash and place the wires well. Connect the negative cable on the battery and turn on the unit to test all the functions in it to see if it is compatible with your car. If you are not familiar with some new functions, you should follow the user manual and operate the unit. Or, you will have problems in using it.


If all the functions are good, you can fix the unit with screws and install the trim panel back to its original place now. Wish the information can help.


If you haven’t found a suitable aftermarket for your Volkswagen Caddy, I would like to share a good car DVD player with you. It has many great functions, such as, GPS navigation system, 3G, WIFI, radio, Bluetooth and so on. Let’s check out: http://www.seicane.com/car-dvd-player-gps-radio-replacement-system-for-volkswagen-series-support-bluetooth-3d-voice-navigation-wince-system-with-3g-wifi-20-disk-virtual-cd-changer-c004


 Volkswagen Caddy radio

Volkswagen Caddy radio

This unit has Wince 6.0 operation system and 3D flash graphics accelerator to achieve 3D cool three-dimensional & flash menu. It has 3-zone POP technology to support at most 3 windows working in one screen. And, it’s dual zone function supports GPS and entertainment functions working with other entertainment functions. You can enjoy radio or music while viewing GPS maps.


It has several optional functions, which bring great help to your journey. You can watch the back of your car by rearview camera clearly; you can record driving video and playback in the unit directly; you can watch digital TV when taking a rest in your car. If you like the optional functions, please add them to the unit when ordering.


There are more great functions in this unit. Know more and get discount now.



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